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  1. You admitted you were wrong, ‘god. I again commend you for returning to the thread to admit your erroneous reasoning. It’s a good look!
  2. Whoa! Stop the presses! Ok he’s only slightly a over average - at least your username checks out. Who cares? My point remains the same. He’s not a burden in that department - and he’s been an excellent contributor in most other categories. Sorry, Stevie, it’s not a resounding riposte on your part.
  3. Yeah I mean I don’t recall anyone pounding the table insisting on a ~.295 BA for him for the season. He’s still well above league average in that department, even ignoring all of his other contributions.
  4. Thank you, Framber - you ended up finishing with less than four earnies against the Angels. A testament to your perseverance. I’ll always miss the pre-checking-if-you’re-cheating days - but we did have some good times!
  5. I’m just going off what he himself said - now that you mention it he did seem very fixated on his batting average back in May or so. With no regard for his other cat contributions for the most part. You shattered my hope that he was just here to admit a mistake rather than get a round of back-slaps. But it would be par for the course for this season, both on this forum and real life.
  6. I commend you for admitting it when you’re wrong, ‘god. It’s a good example to set in here.
  7. “Thousands and thousands of years ago…I drafted Trey Sermon.”
  8. I’ll foot this one - but we will stay on the “round” system.
  9. And his HC publicly called out Julio this week
  10. Hard to argue with a 64.11 K/BB
  11. Thanks! Appreciate your saying so! I love the player - and the Team - so I hope that continues. But I wanted to salute you for saying that.
  12. Yes. Adams genuinely kinda sucked early. Nuk is just a complete stud, and has been his whole career!
  13. Have a feeling those folks will disappear once CEH starts putting up good games
  14. Prestige, I don’t think you’re following me. If you think McLaurin is the receiver that DeAndre Hopkins was in his prime - ok. But I think that has yet to be determined - and in any event, going from one QB you’ve practiced with all off-season to one you haven’t four days later is cause for pause. To reiterate, I love your faith and don’t think it’s misplaced - but I do see why people might justifiably shy away from him in this particular game.
  15. Davante Adams? As in the best WR in fantasy? No. D-Hop? A-Rob? Yes, they have done well with bad QBs. Maybe I’m confused and you are claiming he is a putative top-5 wideout? If so, yeah, go for it. McLaurin doesn’t have their track record, sorry.
  16. You keep saying “outside of injury” - but there was an injury. If Tom Brady were replaced with his backup (not even sure who that is), you would still keep Evans in your lineup? It’s always admirable until it just seems obstinate.
  17. I hear you and love your McLaurin faith. But I’m just trying to point out that no one had a good read on what to expect from him after his QB went down in Week 1 and he had to play on a short week with a backup. He definitely rewarded your faith - but that was far from a given.
  18. But…wasn’t there an injury, in this case, that would very directly affect him?
  19. Yea he was over drafted for the most part - that said, if you can get him somehow, do it - quickly.
  20. You and I’d imagine about 80% of the posters in this thread.
  21. I am not too sure about this - TE has the looks of being surprisingly deep outside of the elite tier this year
  22. Anyone “more than inept” at blocking has my vote for sure.
  23. I’m starting to think “Olivares” might mean “options” in Spanish
  24. It just feels like you’re throwing…shade…at this point
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