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  1. This was fun for the little bit of time it remained a “thing”
  2. With the one exception that the Dodgers didn’t come close to sending their best prospects.
  3. f--- - add Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle! Congrats and on to a real season with football!
  4. I think you may be needed in the Kyle Tucker Outlook Thread, mks
  5. Yeah Rotoworld writers - or whatever the F they go by these days - have sucked ever since Rosenthal left. Enjoy your product, NBC - hope Friends does yet another comeback?
  6. This already occurs - and will be subject to change by next year’s CBT discussion.
  7. I appreciate this - hadn’t seen it before, so I agree you have a point. Maybe my question should be: “What do you think will change if you impose a cap?” Like, all of a sudden, Robbie Nutting is going to start spending money on his team or something?
  8. Not to sidetrack, but the inefficacy of this rule has been discussed on this forum ad nauseam
  9. Don’t get too accustomed to it - probably last year it is allowed to happen
  10. You do realize they can extend these acquired players, right?
  11. Next question: are you in a league where Castillo can be added?
  12. Hahaha! You do realize the Yanks evinced interest in the soon-to-be-33-year-old speedster. It just appears you don’t really follow what this team is doing or where it’s priorities should lie.
  13. Also, “Story and Rizzo” do not have to end up as “rentals.” Either or both could be extended if need be.
  14. The main problem I have with the OP’s post is the notion that any of the prospects (Rule 5-eligible) we parted with had any role to play in the team’s long-term plans as starters.
  15. Pennant winner? I think the team and fans generally are hoping for a WC berth and to have a shot at this.
  16. I also was perplexed by this question.
  17. I would add: 1) takes walks, creating more RBI opportunities; 2) can produce XBHs when not homering; 3) always wanted to be a Yankee. I know that last doesn’t sound important, but I have always thought it is.
  18. Just keep finding a way to append this GIF to any future post. TIA.
  19. I mean, it’s just so lazy as a fan of a team to **** on their trade choices - but wow, if ever someone filled a need in so many areas for a team who was available in such a favorable deal that would allow the acquiring team to make another deal, this move would qualify.
  20. They typically suck profoundly against the Rays at the Trop - I guess I should just be happy we took two of three here
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