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  1. Dude REALLY distrusts his RBs, for sure
  2. Well said - Dak just read two-deep-shell and fed his TEs/RBs all night - and it worked to perfection. That said, I highly doubt that will continue all season.
  3. Well - thanks for the offer. I already did. Is that injury what you noticed? We all know he’s hurt - the game-script did no receivers any favors in this lopsided affair.
  4. He broke his rib-cage in that game - could that be it?
  5. Yep. Be thankful he wasn’t reinjured and gets another week to heal - not terribly much to take from this one.
  6. You wrote this about eight quarters ago? Geez dude. I honestly empathize with you.
  7. You know it’s over when Boston Scott takes the field
  8. Haha! Yes - really more of a shout-out to the GIF-Meister
  9. If The 7th Beatles is asking you this question…you done f’d up.
  10. Ok. Yes. My bro just told me the same at the same time in response to the same message. Why is 1 dissing the 2 broadcast? (I’m in.)
  11. This MNF crew might be worse than any in recent memory - terrible and tone-deaf to boot. Just stop ESPN
  12. I’m with you on that- yes it’s not something I’d endorse
  13. Remind me why we care what some individual is doing in his fantasy league? Just pick this dude up, if at all possible
  14. I’m just feeling bad for his dealership - feels like this will interfere with his development arc
  15. Right - Gordon go destroyed on an initial GL - I thought he was seriously hurt. The thing is, Javonte really didn’t distinguish himself at the goal line - and they’re also paying MGIII ever so much more money to play for them this year.
  16. This will be a fun one to revisit in a couple of weeks
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