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  1. …I think you may be underselling the Detroit offense
  2. All true - but I assume you and I aren’t voters. So I’m not so sure.
  3. At least he looks poised to beat that September timeline
  4. Not sure how his PED history would affect his admission
  5. He’s already made three starts this season.
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/chicago.suntimes.com/platform/amp/white-sox/2021/7/18/22582577/despite-desire-to-start-michael-kopech-embracing-bullpen-role-white-sox
  7. Don’t most players get helped by facing the Orioles?
  8. Really more fastballs than breakers - the league quickly figured out he couldn’t turn around mid-upper-level velo and started barraging him with high heat.
  9. The least heralded call-up for such a well-regarded prospect - needless to say, I’m encouraged thus far
  10. LaRussa should stick to managing his drinking problem rather than a baseball club.
  11. Much like Rotoworld, Neris is no longer a thing
  12. Man I love how sucky Neris is at playing baseball!
  13. Wild Thing calls out to you in the night
  14. Good call - I will revise my position if they decide to give him a look.
  15. Stay far far away from O’s options
  16. The “New Wild One” is…definitely someone whose history you should check before engaging
  17. Some do - and some know when it’s best to advise others to golf rather than play fantasy
  18. He’s doing better than 2021 Valdez!
  19. Correction: THAT was the best vantage point to watch your start ruined by Ohtani
  20. Where he has the perfect vantage to watch his beautiful start destroyed by the likes of Cishek
  21. Seriously, shop him - people are still high on him and he could be traded
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