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  1. ...might not be me that you’re interested to look at me
  2. What is the relevance of the Saban era?
  3. At some point, you are going to have to volunteer to teach a Zoom seminar to the forum on how to create these beautiful charts.
  4. Thanks - and I agree I certainly don’t want to derail into a discussion of which traits best correlate to “elite” QB status (Spoiler: Carr is not one.). Apart from the presumed volume Ruggs is looking at this season, one thing I love about him is that he doesn’t have to catch deep passes to shine - he’s not even an especially good deep-ball tracker (yet). But if you can just get the ball into Ruggs’s hands (which are the largest of any WR in the draft class), on slants, crossers, overs, etc., he has the elite speed to house it. I’m all over Ruggs this season, even in re-draft.
  5. I have to hand it to the old devil, that is quite the long con with Burkhead.
  6. I could be misinterpreting your chart, but doesn’t it indicate that he was the 8th-best in the league last year when isolating those two variables? That’s a little better than “north of ‘meh.’”
  7. Not true in the slightest: Singletary 2017: 109 BT, 36.1 BT% Moss 2017: 64 BT, 30.0 BT% Singletary 2018: 111 BT, 42.2 BT% (best overall, both cats) Moss 2018: (not among FBS leaders, only 9 games played) Singletary 2019: 23.8 BT% (NFL rookie season, 4th overall, min. 100 att.) Moss 2019: 74 BT, 31.6 BT%
  8. I don’t think the first is ridiculous at all - nor would I expect Sanders to be off the field 25% of the time. The Eagles added a couple of UDFAs immediately after the draft who might carve out a minimal role (keep an eye on Warren) - but the chances of Sanders’s continuing his late-season breakout into 2020 seem awfully high, in my opinion.
  9. It’s not that I’m whining - it just doesn’t make logical sense that literally no one in the organization “was aware” of cheating other than one replay operator - not the manager, no assistant coaches, no players, no employees, etc. I really need that one explained to me further.
  10. I imagine Rodgers is feeling right now like any of us would if we got booted off the Internet and had to peek while cringing at all the terrible auto-draft picks made while we were off-line.
  11. I agree - both for those reasons and the sheer staggering number of targets Lock suddenly has to choose from. He’ll be an interesting one to follow, though.
  12. Didn’t read anything into Reed taking back #90?
  13. I don’t see much of anything changing this season, to be honest. And the way Gutekunst/LaFleur drafted - they shouldn’t, either.
  14. Reminds me of Hardman last year a bit in terms of 2020 potential.
  15. The chance is “real” - but not substantial. I’ll take the HC’s word when he says Reynolds will play in “some of those three-receiver sets” over the speculation of a RW blurb writer (who himself describes Reynolds as the #3). Klein isn’t reporting anything we didn’t already know a week ago. But yes, he’s not a bad flier.
  16. Eh, not so sure. LF turned things around last year and proved a steady if not spectacular contributor. Unlike Yannick, he hasn’t called out the team (or owner) for failing to trade him. And he’s been participating this far in the voluntary virtual off-season program. Given that they (apparently) haven’t received a single offer for him, I see no reason they won’t ride him until the wheels fall off - again - next season.
  17. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.12up.com/amp/posts/bills-gm-brandon-beane-on-devin-singletary-zack-moss-01e6ymz6202h
  18. All I can say in response is, the offense as a whole should fare a lot better with an improved line and improved coaching/scheme. But yes, Hunt will continue to siphon catches.
  19. At least he has matured... https://www.google.com/amp/s/sports.yahoo.com/amphtml/odell-beckham-jr-twitter-rant-mad-espn-showed-fight-kicking-net-nfl-draft-new-york-giants-andrew-thomas-214126610.html
  20. Maybe what was hoped for out of Tavon Austin?
  21. This doesn’t really alter your analysis, but his main competition is Perriman.
  22. Not a crazy notion - man, that offense is loaded.
  23. Warford is a weakness - he’s officially on the hot seat. I really liked the Ruiz pick. Brees is particularly susceptible to interior pressure.
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