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  1. Warford is a weakness - he’s officially on the hot seat. I really liked the Ruiz pick. Brees is particularly susceptible to interior pressure.
  2. It seems almost like triple-if-not-quadruple doubling-down.
  3. Wow...he would be an absolute steal at 42 - efficiency be damned!
  4. There’s no way you’re getting Bell in the 4th or 5th. The O-line reconstruction should theoretically benefit him, though.
  5. I appreciate what you’ve attempted here, but I’m not sure using “CarAV” - which puts a lot of weight on games played, games started, and Pro Bowl selections - is the best way to evaluate players who have only been in the league 1-2 seasons.
  6. Have to chime in - Barfield is one of the best in the biz. He’s very far from an idiot.
  7. He will not be. And I love him as a player and can’t believe he fell to them.
  8. Love this landing spot - JJ has one of the clearest paths to fantasy relevance as early as this year on the Vikings with Stefanski gone.
  9. I kind of like that landing spot, actually. Feels weird to say, but I do.
  10. Is it possible, based on handle, that Covid is the least of your problems?
  11. They don’t use him “exclusively” now....
  12. I was worried I couldn’t dislike William Belichick more. This program convinced me otherwise.
  13. Waaay worse landing spots for a first-overall pick.
  14. One minor nick is probable lack of passing-game usage. Otherwise, it’s an excellent climate.
  15. Let’s see what happens with Gibson - such an interesting player.
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