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  1. Waaay worse landing spots for a first-overall pick.
  2. One minor nick is probable lack of passing-game usage. Otherwise, it’s an excellent climate.
  3. Let’s see what happens with Gibson - such an interesting player.
  4. I agree with you on rushing. But I mean, let’s give him some love! He does a good job of producing with his touches!
  5. He’s great - I know it’s the epitome of a Raiders pick, but I approved.
  6. This will be a headache to figure out fantasy-wise with Hamler
  7. 😂 Bill couldn’t even show up on camera
  8. Fair - but Sutton really improved his route-running chops last season.
  9. They were ranked 22nd overall in pass pro last season (per FO). Right around the same (23rd) in Adjusted Line Yards. Wirfs should do wonders at RT. Wouldn’t be shocking to see them draft a guard.
  10. Totally agree - but Brady absolutely needs a weapon out of the backfield who can double as an effective pass-catcher and blocker. Swift would be my choice for them. But I could see Dobbins doing a fine job as well.
  11. The only “fact” relevant here is that Brady was trying to meet with Leftwich - which is expressly against the rules. And which Brady already admitted he was doing. Quibbling about the reporter seems pointless.
  12. Has to be the first time I’ve heard Rapaport mentioned as a credible source. In any event, it’s fairly unsurprising to see Tom Brady doing Tom-Brady-like things in his new hometown.
  13. Would you feel more comfortable with Florio? https://www.google.com/amp/s/boston.cbslocal.com/2020/04/24/nfl-teams-miffed-at-tom-brady-want-bucs-penalized-interactions/amp/
  14. In no particular order: Mims Shenault Pittman, Jr. Higgins Hill (Claypool, if you’re so inclined)
  15. Not off to the best of starts: ”NFL teams are miffed about Tom Brady's interactions with staff members in Tampa despite restrictions. They are anticipating some stern discipline from the NFL office. Many have conveyed their dismay to league officials”
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