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  1. Somewhere, Fitzmagic laughed at this post.
  2. Decline in skills confirmed by die-hard fan. Thank you, man.
  3. Heard it here first, folks! Garoppolo is the new Brady, and Samuel the new Edelman.
  4. I’m just wondering, for purposes of 2020, how they plan to substantially upgrade the O - or D for that matter. A lot of players are either hitting FA or getting up in age - bringing Brady back will not leave them with a lot of cap space.
  5. So nothing whatsoever to do with a possible decline in the starting QB’s skills?
  6. Actually, the Earth is an oblate spheroid. /thread
  7. Ideally they would expand his role in both respects - there really isn’t any reason not to: Jimmy G essentially led the entire league in deep-ball completion rate this past season, so he’s plenty capable of getting the ball to Samuel downfield.
  8. I would say the most likely route to Samuel’s anchoring his every-week floor will come via using him more as a rusher or on designed screens. Sprinkle in a few receptions each week and you’d have a strong WR2. He really doesn’t need to dominate in terms of Air Yards as he’s basically the best wideout in the league at breaking tackles.
  9. I was just responding to the question being debated directly above regarding other WRs “overtaking” Samuel as the new primary WR. I don’t see that happening - and apparently you don’t either, unless I am missing something. The Lockett comp doesn’t seem apposite - before being hospitalized with a serious injury and then contracting a bad case of the flu, he was pretty darn reliable on a weekly basis. So much so that his second half stood out in stark contrast.
  10. I have to agree, none of those guys poses a credible threat to overtaking Samuel as the team’s primary in 2020. Or ever for that matter.
  11. With the added wrinkle of Shanahan’s tendency to juggle all of his WRs between all three spots throughout the game. It makes deciphering defensive matchups much more difficult.
  12. I think looking at the situation via the prism of the Pro Bowl is a bad idea.
  13. I don’t know whether Julius Thomas, Ken Dilger, and a season of Dallas Clark matches even closely to Gronk.
  14. It’s a proprietary metric - I don’t think you should expect that they would just lay it all out for you. I give them credit for explaining their approach.
  15. I just meant when talking about Brady’s relative lack of receiving skill, I feel like he should be mentioned apart from the WRs.
  16. Football Outsiders does an excellent job of explaining their methodology.
  17. Not counting Gronk at all in that analysis is a bit odd.
  18. Thanks! Don’t feel like luck is needed here, but sure, I’ll take it.
  19. Yes. As stated, I don’t think they were making any attempt to interpret the influence of cheating on his stat line
  20. 5 more Pro Bowlers across two decades? That’s interesting, but I’m not sure I see the point in analyzing that.
  21. Gonna have to disagree with you on that one. Ironically, more deflection.
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