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  1. Not if they’re paying their QB $30M.
  2. Point taken. But if they lose Henry, they know they will have to re-invent their entire offense and wallow in mediocrity for years to come. I think Robinson knows it may not make financial sense, but it’s in the club’s best interest for the time they have a window to win it all.
  3. Why wouldn’t the Titans re-sign him? Seriously, there is more intrigue to Brady’s FA than Henry’s.
  4. Do you have a source on this? I know they ran a ton of option plays, including veer and read, as well as a lot of designed runs by the QB, but I’d be interested to hear the basis of your claim that they seldom ran RPOs.
  5. Recency bias is rampant, yes. I think JG needs more time both to acclimate to the system and to just develop as a passer. It’s not beyond his abilities - he just has been deployed primarily as a game manager this year - with good reason. Heck it got them to the SB!
  6. I guess dynasties are still technically “dynasties,” even when they are on the brink of extinction, so long as the same lineage is involved
  7. I hear you on his weaknesses, but calling Fournette “the same guy” as Henry is pretty laughably wrong.
  8. He’s been far too turnover-prone this season and still struggles to identify coverage schemes - especially with regard to linebackers. It does seem like something he can improve with time and more reps.
  9. Please not another “definition of stud” conversation.... I have to agree with the OPs: Jacobs was certainly “exceptional” in multiple facets this season, regardless of your disdain for PFF. Even a simple eye test renders that apparent.
  10. We all know Bill is plenty capable of mistakes of judgment.
  11. I really would’ve liked to see what DW could’ve accomplished had he remained healthy all season. Perhaps it went overlooked, but as soon as he got healthy, he immediately resumed putting up RB1 numbers on a per-game basis.
  12. I intentionally bypassed Green just because I don’t see why he wouldn’t want to try his hand with Burrow. I agree there are TEs galore to choose from if Hooper signs elsewhere.
  13. Yikes what a gross list - Hogan maybe, or Amendola? Anderson? I don’t know, I’m not seeing it.
  14. Like who? Anybody who would actually move the needle?
  15. How do they plan to improve their WR corps if they’re paying a 43-year-old $30M per?!
  16. Oh I’m up - I just mistakenly thought this was a fantasy football outlook thread for Tom Brady.
  17. Unless you imagine the WR crew and run game are due for a massive uptick in 2020, he’s nothing more than a late-round flier for fantasy purposes.
  18. The lug nuts are loose and the wheels are wobbling. That said, as a backup QB in the later rounds, why not?
  19. Couldn’t it be because they’re missing a key HC?
  20. Referring to that article I posted, I think hiring Dusty almost demands a pretty major overhaul of their previous, analytics-driven strategies. At the very least, it will require a substantial adjustment period.
  21. Here’s something of a silver lining for you, perhaps: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/astros-cheating-scandal-three-ways-mlbs-punishment-could-hurt-houston-on-the-field/amp/
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