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  1. The guy who started an entire “TB12” product and is now taking it with him to to his new home in Tampa, FL? Who knew this guy had an ego?
  2. Don’t know about that - Gore saw a ton of stacked boxes. Singletary? Hardly any.
  3. This might sound weird - but you don’t have to draft him.
  4. Hopkins put up 1165/7 last year - off of a whopping 150 targets. In six games started with the Cowboys, Cobb managed 828/3. Cooks: 583/2, in an abbreviated season with a regressing Jared Goff behind a dreadful O-line. Now Cooks and Cobb get to play with one of the best QBs in the league - particularly throwing deep to burners. I don’t see any one WR becoming a clear-cut primary option - or staying healthy all year. I haven’t even addressed how the Johnson & Johnson duo represents a passing-game upgrade on the washed-up Carlos Hyde. But I think, in the end, Watson benefits most from these moves from a fantasy perspective. You seem to be focusing a little too much on Hopkins when considering the adjustment in Watson’s fantasy value.
  5. The ever-injured Coutee was playing the slot role for the Texans in the past. It’s still very much an upgrade.
  6. Maybe I don’t understand your question - the tandem of Cooks and Cobb are almost certain to outproduce one Hopkins. And btw I love Hopkins. I’m not opining here on BOB’s failings as a GM or how he’s utterly mortgaged the future with all of these win-now moves. Simply put, Watson has more dependable options in the passing game than he’s ever had - at both WR and RB. And that causes me to rank him higher than I would have under the status quo ante.
  7. Does Cooks + Cobb = Hopkins? Yes, and then some. My point is the total aggregate of pass-catching talent has never been better for Watson.
  8. If anything, the total collection of moves made makes Watson an even more desirable target in drafts than he has been. He’s never been surrounded by this many talented, speedy pass-catchers.
  9. Thank you for sharing this - that was truly uplifting! I wish him and his team all kinds of success!
  10. The Jordan Reed signing seems inevitable at this point
  11. I’m with you on passing on him where he likely goes. But with a new coaching staff, and OBJ over a hernia injury, he may be somewhat undervalued in drafts this season. If so, I’ll take it.
  12. I’m sorry - could we steer this away from a discussion about human anatomy and back to OBJ?
  13. I hear you on the WR surplus, but that’s literally the least of the Panthers’ problems. It still wouldn’t surprise me to dive into the pool.
  14. The “Allen factor” also means he will vulture a lot of carries between the 20s and refuse to dump off. Despite all of that, I do like Singletary this year.
  15. Tom Brady relayed what he told Bill Belichick when a receiver wasn't dependable: "I don't have any trust that this guy can help us win the game. If you put him out there, I'm not going to throw him the ball." Said Belichick always saw it the same way.
  16. I largely agree with this, but Singletary really didn’t see too many stacked boxes last season.
  17. I’m not denying that Mularkey’s stubbornness with respect to Robiskie and other coaches didn’t factor into the decision. I’m simply pointing out that Henry was being utilized as a true bell-cow down the final stretch of Mularkey’s tenure. His firing wasn’t due to any reluctance to feed Henry the ball.
  18. Mularkey used Henry as a true bell-cow down the stretch of his final season - that’s not what got him fired.
  19. Thank you, but all the same, what I wrote didn’t need any fixing.
  20. Those four receptions in the year of our Lord 2019 sure helped fantasy owners.
  21. Ok. And I’m sure it will result in a much higher annual salary than Saquon and Christian will command in 2020.
  22. As has been covered countless times, the major difference between Henry and them is the lack of involvement in the passing game. More complete backs should demand a higher salary.
  23. Did someone ask about Brady’s proclivity for cheating? I’d be far more interested in that than anything he says about his former team.
  24. Yep. There are many reasons no one wants him clogging up a roster spot.
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