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  1. Right - PFF just wrote this up the other day.
  2. Got that - I was just relating facts
  3. How do you posit all those facts and conclude “witch hunt”?
  4. This has nothing to do with Emmanuel Sanders. If you think he’ll get “tons of volume,” you are delusional.
  5. See OP I was responding to. Pretty weird if you thought I was suggesting the Babe was a slap-hitter.
  6. We will know so well in advance of drafting season it won’t matter
  7. Seventh all-time in TDs and yards is “above average”?
  8. He is a great WR2 - thinking of him as a top-10-WR1 is a mistake.
  9. Particularly in a year when 6 of 8 remaining playoff teams ran a wide-zone-run-based offense.
  10. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/red-sox-used-video-replay-room-to-steal-signs-during-2018-championship-season-per-report/amp/
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/astros/amp/MLB-told-video-monitors-to-listen-for-Astros-14844792.phpI’m
  12. Are we talking about the Sultan of Swat gaining an exit velo advantage from a significantly lighter bat?!
  13. I’m sure all we need to do is ignore the fact that Cora got canned and the results of the investigation are still pending.
  14. It’s again worthwhile pointing out how useless and non-credible “ESPN” is as a sports news source.
  15. I read he literally jumped into the driver’s seat and started hitting this guy. I think Antonio long ago relinquished any benefit of the doubt.
  16. The lack of volume alone will likely prevent him from ever entering the top-10 category.
  17. Greenies weren’t banned in baseball until 2006. You’d have to ask the FO about cork in bats. I’m just passing along the fact that it doesn’t help batters. Steroids and HGH are totally different from filling a bat with a substance that doesn’t help you hit better.
  18. I congratulate CJ on his two big games at the very end of the 2018 season around the Christmas holiday. Apart from that he did virtually nothing except for one PS game.
  19. Aren’t we just a year removed from a top-10-paid RB making the SB?
  20. Kind of like how it wasn’t explicitly banned to use those substances at that time. Why bring it up in an era now where certain cheating practices have been declaratively banned and certain teams still cheat by using those practices.
  21. A baseball bat filled with cork can hit a baseball farther than a normal bat. BUSTED This myth operates under the assumption that cork-filled bats can be swung faster because of their lighter weight, and that the springiness of the cork could propel the ball farther. To eliminate the human factor of the myth, Adam and Jamie constructed a special batting rig and used a pressurized air cannon to launch the baseball at it. Tests showed that the cannon could launch the ball 80 miles per hour, which is the average speed of most MLB pitches. Regulation bats could propel the ball away at 80m
  22. Bregman’s public response was especially galling - taking nothing away from Altuve. Wow, it’s crazy that no one coached these kids on how to answer questions about this before now. I am worried for their physical health this upcoming season.
  23. I thought it was seventh for both career TDs and yards
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