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  1. If they decide to package a pick to trade up for Hurts, I could see it.
  2. Manfred found that no one on the Sox “should have known” that they cheated. Indescribably lame.
  3. Yeah - no one will do that. He will be traded, though.
  4. How do you feel about Brady and Gronk on the TB Buccaneers? Avast and prepare to be boarded!
  5. Clearly I’m biased, but...wow, it took you guys a year just to decide to strip a second-rounder? Amazing ineptitude
  6. I agree with all of this - Fournette is unfairly derided for his lack of efficiency. I say - “Who cares?” If he stays in JAX, he will be a borderline RB1 in fantasy.
  7. I feel like this might be the 2019 OJ Howard thread redivivus.
  8. I think they are prepping to run far fewer 3-WR sets than they used to.
  9. As long as they sync up the cannons with the GRONK-SMASH! All will be good.
  10. Apparently they almost traded him to the ‘Skins
  11. Prepare for “blown-away” mode in 3...
  12. Exactly - it’s a move to assuage Tom Brady, not a sign that Arians is about to exchange his power over the offense to a QB.
  13. GB was almost exactly average in pass attempts. As was NO. TB was 4th. I’m sure that will stay high so long as Brady stays healthy. But those guys run - Brady doesn’t - at all.
  14. I can see that. But wow, I would take a mobile, inventive QB like Wilson over Brady any day of the week. I think the injury risk associated with a QB playing for Arians alone would tip the scales alone.
  15. Ok. I can understand that. Rodgers, in my opinion, still remains one of the best pure QBs in the league. He’s over half a decade younger than Brady, has a better play-caller, has an elite WR and RB, and has an influx of talent coming. He’s also mobile and has shown an uncanny ability to create outside the structure of the play. And he plays behind a better line. I think a lot of the same applies to Brees here. Brady is 43 - uncharted territory for a starting QB for a full season. Behind a line in need of upgrades, adjusting to a new scheme and playbook in what will be an abbreviated off-season, with a coach who has proven to be resistant to change, and focuses on a vertical approach (which Brady has struggled at in recent years), with a beat-up, starting TE who’s been out of the league for a year who is underweight, who didn’t perform well last time he was in the league in the passing game, without a safety-valve RB like White, etc.
  16. They both will have improved weapons - but are better right now than Brady is.
  17. Ookay. Sounds like you’re doing the same - am I wrong?
  18. I still don’t see how an age-43, immobile QB transitioning to a new system coached by a vertically minded Arians behind a suspect line cracks top-5. Leaving aside Jackson and Mahomes, he’s still need to beat out the likes of Watson, Allen, Brees, Rodgers, Watson, etc.
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