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  1. Yikes what a gross list - Hogan maybe, or Amendola? Anderson? I don’t know, I’m not seeing it.
  2. Like who? Anybody who would actually move the needle?
  3. How do they plan to improve their WR corps if they’re paying a 43-year-old $30M per?!
  4. Oh I’m up - I just mistakenly thought this was a fantasy football outlook thread for Tom Brady.
  5. Unless you imagine the WR crew and run game are due for a massive uptick in 2020, he’s nothing more than a late-round flier for fantasy purposes.
  6. The lug nuts are loose and the wheels are wobbling. That said, as a backup QB in the later rounds, why not?
  7. Couldn’t it be because they’re missing a key HC?
  8. Referring to that article I posted, I think hiring Dusty almost demands a pretty major overhaul of their previous, analytics-driven strategies. At the very least, it will require a substantial adjustment period.
  9. Here’s something of a silver lining for you, perhaps: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/astros-cheating-scandal-three-ways-mlbs-punishment-could-hurt-houston-on-the-field/amp/
  10. Admittedly this was spoken in the heat of the moment - I obviously wish they did more, but I think it was clear all along that they weren’t planning to punish individual players. At least the players involved will have their reputations forever tarnished, and that “win” will forever have an asterisk attached to it in the hearts of fans.
  11. Gotta get Joey Pants from “The Matrix” to look into this new data....
  12. He definitely qualifies as a “way too early” breakout - good one. I’d have to go with Trevor Lawrence. (Who knows, maybe I just don’t understand the title of this thread?! Shouldn’t it just be “Breakouts Next Season”?)
  13. One thing is for sure: there’s no chance Jimmy G regrets Kraft’s forcing Belichick to trade him!
  14. I’m wondering what will come of the latest investigation into Patriots’ wrongdoing in light of Goodell’s comments today.
  15. I mean, essentially? Yes - the CBA gives him plenary authority to handle discipline in cases of rules infractions like cheating by tampering with equipment. Everyone who actually read the agreement either knew or should have known that from the outset. Brady realized it too late, but in the end, he himself admitted that he knew he couldn’t win his case.
  16. Thanks, @Corleone! This has been an excellent read and I’m grateful for your incisive and extensive analysis!
  17. Accurate QBs can maintain their accuracy deep into their careers - it’s probably one of the last traits to diminish with age. Of course, a lot has to do with player-protection rules reaching a point where defenders (and fans for that matter) no longer understand what constitutes a “penalty”: https://www.ozy.com/the-huddle/why-older-qbs-are-striking-gold-at-the-same-time-as-millennials/89551/
  18. If what you say is true, well...why didn’t they then? Why did Brady decide to accept a punishment for something he didn’t do? Weirdness. Lot of so-called “straw-grasping” going on on both sides, if that’s the way you choose to characterize it.
  19. Are we just forgetting about former first-round pick Mike Williams? If Allen is being drafted early second, I’m steering way clear of that. Rivers and Allen had a rapport the likes of which I would only liken to Brady and Edelman.
  20. Hilarious. The future HOfer directly involved refused to fully exercise his right of appeal as opposed to clearing his good name. “Deflaltor” makes for excellent comedy from the Patriots franchise. Hope that poor guy made a good job of his weight loss.
  21. Dude, he had a really rough childhood - including an extended stint after his parents’ divorce when he was homeless. He still made it to the NFL. There is no evidence to suggest he was a “bad” child, nor do I believe he is “evil.” I do think he’s mentally ill and in need of help.
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