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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.nfl.com/fantasy/story/0ap3000001105765/article/fantasy-points-per-touch-running-backs%3fnetworkId=4595&site=.fantasy&zone=story&zoneUrl=url%3Dstory&zoneKeys=s1%3Dstory&env=&pageKeyValues=team%3Dten%3Bteam%3Dhou%3Bteam%3Dcar%3Bteam%3Dind%3Bteam%3Dbal%3Bteam%3Dchi%3Bteam%3Darz%3Bteam%3Dphi%3Bteam%3Dmin%3Bteam%3Dpit%3Bteam%3Dclv%3Bconf%3Dafc%3Bconf%3Dnfc%3Bdvsn%3Dacs%3Bdvsn%3Dncs%3Bdvsn%3Dacn%3Bdvsn%3Dncn%3Bdvsn%3Dncw%3Bdvsn%3Dnce%3Bplyr%3Dlesean_mccoy%3Bplyr%3Dmark_ingram%3Bplyr%3Dboston_scott%3Bevent%3Dfantasy&p.ct=Fantasy%2bNews&p.adsm=false&p.tcm=%23000&p.bgc1m=%23EAEAEA&sr=amp
  2. You definitely need an insurance policy for DW - probably in the form of a mid-to-low-end RB2. But he projects as a clear-cut RB1 whenever healthy.
  3. I mean, we’re not talking about just any old rookie QB here.
  4. I think if you’re looking at DJ to have much more of an impact than the likes of Miller and Hyde, you will be disappointed. And of course that assumes he passes his physical. He will likely be over-drafted but return solid back-end RB2 production.
  5. DW returned to being awesome for them as soon as soon as he was healthy and receiving starter snaps. Many would credibly argue he should’ve been the SB MVP. They return him, Darrel, and Darwin - will they use of their early five picks on a RB? It seems unlikely. Even if they did, I wouldn’t devalue DW very much.
  6. He’s not talking about his split from Bridget for Gisele here?
  7. The “He’s been on a cheating organization” one on your list seems pretty darn important. I would rephrase that as “He has cheated and accepted discipline for having cheated without exhausting his right of appeal, and also benefited from having coaches who cheated to put him in the best position to succeed.” Not sure how any of this relates to Thomas’ 2020 outlook, but it seemed only fair to mention it.
  8. He’s basically both an elite RB and a great WR in one person. It’s way too soon to evaluate the contract, but I can see why the Panthers were willing to go that high. It was really either that or trade him for picks. The Panthers must believe they are entering a window of contention.
  9. You wouldn’t have any argument from me on that one.
  10. Brady cheated for years - and benefited for years from people cheating on his behalf. In return, his teams got many SB victories. If Peyton was doing all this “demanding” to have the most money, he sure wasn’t very good at it. But he was a tremendous player, one of the best ever, and treated the rules of the game - and his fellow players and coaches - with due respect.
  11. Were you not discussing his role in the passing game? I thought that would be a factor.
  12. It sounds like he passed the wrist-injury portion of his physical by the skin of his teeth. Not that BOB calls for a lot of passing to RBs, but still.
  13. Yeah. Not sure Peyton has “demanded” much of anything as far as media attention is concerned.
  14. This is awesome. Brady will love this during his age-43 season as a starting QB.
  15. I like your thinking, but I don’t think a millionaire is concerned with food stamps.
  16. Try to keep up - too many people have been saying “try to keep up.”
  17. Except he barely ever checks down - at least to his RBs.
  18. That’s still a top-10 back - can you elaborate on why you’re avoiding him?
  19. True that. But I wonder why he wasn’t invited - other than to falsely announce he wasn’t going anywhere during a SB commercial for Hulu.
  20. The guy who started an entire “TB12” product and is now taking it with him to to his new home in Tampa, FL? Who knew this guy had an ego?
  21. Don’t know about that - Gore saw a ton of stacked boxes. Singletary? Hardly any.
  22. This might sound weird - but you don’t have to draft him.
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