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  1. You have an expansion team that’s already won two World Series?! How can you complain about that!!
  2. Thank God I got in before the “clean-shaven” era!
  3. For certain reasons, thank God for the upcoming baseball season!
  4. I thought Gettleman did try to improve the line.
  5. Who besides you claims he never turns the ball over?
  6. Dude threw for 4 INTs this year - come on.
  7. Wow...this looks to be more of a beat down than the last meeting
  8. Amazing to see what Mostert can do so soon after suffering one of the most gruesome injuries I’ve ever seen live on TV
  9. I like how grateful you always are to the coaches when you win bets! 😅
  10. Congrats Chiefs! And what a run by the Titans - taking down both the Patriots and the Ravens at their homes!
  11. Exactly - thoughts that they would abandon the run prior to the fourth were never well-founded.
  12. That’s why most DCs elect to do it - not because it’s the right strategy
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