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  1. I’m not - he had an awesome season last year, is now playing for his next contract, and benefits from the dream-team coaching duo of McVay and O’Connell? He’s their most productive wideout, and I’m not sure it’s even close. Plus, I’m sure the Rams will make some moves to buttress their O-line. If anything, seek to profit if he drops at all.
  2. Good question. I can’t see nearly as much dump-off volume with Rivers gone. But I’m of the mind that Lynn and company fully realize how much of an asset Ekeler is in the passing game and will scheme him opportunities.
  3. This is GM-speak for, “Yes, we love the player but we’re not extending him yet.”
  4. I agree to disagree. Though I’m not sure why citing real-world statistics to support my claims is frowned upon.
  5. Only 73% of his passes went to his first read - below the 77% league average. He’s not just making “one read” and flinging it.
  6. Wait a minute - he’s definitely skillful at both reading defenses and going through his progressions. I’m not sure what you’re seeing differently when you watch him. He has a quick release, good vision and he’s effective on straight dropbacks - to the tune of tenth-best in EPA/attempt. I’m trying to explain that the Saints last season did not have any semblance of a vertical passing game - whether it was Brees or Bridge behind center. When you have the likes of Thomas and Cook roaming the middle, and Ted. Ginn. Junior. is your lone deep threat (whenever he was actually able to suit up), the scheme choice made a lot of sense. None of that amounts to proof positive that Bridgewater couldn’t succeed in a more aggressive, downfield scheme.
  7. By that logic, does the quality coaching staff of the Saints correctly understand the limited ability of future HOFer Drew Brees to throw the ball downfield? His starts thus far have come on one team with an AP-led, run-first-and-foremost offense with the Vikings and on another team with a scheme designed around short, high-percentage precision passing with the Saints. How can we pass judgment on how Bridgewater would fare in a new scheme with an abundance of offensive weaponry and a creative, highly regarded coordinator calling the shots?
  8. Simple answer? Scheme. He played for the Saints last year - who routinely rely on short, quick-hitters and hardly ever incorporate PA. Before that, with the Vikings, he averaged slightly more depth per pass attempt, but again, he was really just tasked with keeping the offense on schedule and avoiding negative plays. He ranked 11th in the league in accuracy on downfield passes last year. He’s certainly capable of airing it out - it just depends on whether Brady will allow him to do so more often. I imagine he will.
  9. I’d peg it right around his current value - he’s only 26 and the Titans seem committed to him for the next few years at least.
  10. If Brady’s smart (and he is), he’ll call for more play-action with Bridgewater - who was literally the most effective QB in the league last season off PA (0.47 EPA/attempt). He’s plenty accurate throwing deep, it’s just that he’s never been asked to do it very often.
  11. Really? I honestly believe that Jon Robinson is going to work out a long-term deal with him - even though I agree with Brooks that it doesn’t make “sense” from a strictly business perspective. I think he genuinely wants to reward Henry for his service and amazing accomplishments, and ensure that he remains a Titan for most if not all of his career.
  12. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001108319/article/nfls-top-5-cb-duos-titans-must-play-it-safe-with-derrick-henry
  13. The upside is still very much there - he just has to find a way to stay healthy. You also want to consider how long you expect Rivers to keep playing, for dynasty purposes. Just remember that, unlike Brown, Campbell is not going to be the lead WR for the team. And Rivers does have a tendency to feed his favorite target.
  14. I assumed that Saints and TB were included because of the strength of the offenses, not the weakness of the defenses.
  15. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/report-ravens-not-looking-to-sign-antonio-brown/ar-BB12bG2p
  16. More than he was in 2019. As far as I know, he was plenty physically healthy enough to play last year. Mentally? Not so much.
  17. When you say a “full, healthy season,” do you mean physically healthy or mentally healthy?
  18. Don’t forget that no one can say right now when his criminal trial would even be held at this point. I do doubt the Broward Co. prosecutor would choose to charge him with a felony if they didn’t think they had the evidence to convict.
  19. They cut him before the season started. There are still plenty of cheap third-down specialists floating around in FA at the moment. I imagine they’ll sign one of their choosing to a short-term deal and draft a back as well.
  20. Are you just expressing your optimism here? Because he’s currently been charged with a felony.
  21. Why would he be suspended for only four games after being hit with a felony conviction? Brady collaborated with former employees to withdraw air - and this kid beat up a delivery person.
  22. “At some point during the combine, Packers head coach Matt LaFleur was asked if Aaron Jonescould handle a bigger workload, given the manner in which he stepped up in Jamaal Williams’ absence in 2019. LaFleur provided a somewhat unexpected response, by not only asserting that he believes both Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams are needed in the Green Bay backfield, but he added that he would be interested in adding a third back to the mix.“ https://www.google.com/amp/s/dknation.draftkings.com/platform/amp/nfl/2020/3/4/21163830/aaron-jones-rumors-packers-running-back-by-committee-platoon-fantasy-football-2020-jamaal-williams
  23. This seems like the most likely outcome - and you can count me in at that price point.
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