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  1. Why would he be suspended for only four games after being hit with a felony conviction? Brady collaborated with former employees to withdraw air - and this kid beat up a delivery person.
  2. “At some point during the combine, Packers head coach Matt LaFleur was asked if Aaron Jonescould handle a bigger workload, given the manner in which he stepped up in Jamaal Williams’ absence in 2019. LaFleur provided a somewhat unexpected response, by not only asserting that he believes both Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams are needed in the Green Bay backfield, but he added that he would be interested in adding a third back to the mix.“ https://www.google.com/amp/s/dknation.draftkings.com/platform/amp/nfl/2020/3/4/21163830/aaron-jones-rumors-packers-running-back-by-committee-platoon-fantasy-football-2020-jamaal-williams
  3. This seems like the most likely outcome - and you can count me in at that price point.
  4. Right - and I’m saying your choice to focus exclusively on 2019 will lead to some inaccurate conclusions about Kamara’s expected production and workload. 2019 should be treated more as an outlier than an accurate “indicator.” You mentioned Payton’s propensities - what about LaFleur’s? Has he ever given a RB 300+ touches? He wasn’t even willing to do that with King Henry on his team - so why would that suddenly change this upcoming season? I also think your rationale suffers from a key flaw: you’re treating all touches as “equal” from a fantasy perspective. Backs receive two types of opportunities - carries and targets. But targets (and receptions) are far more valuable in fantasy (PPR) than carries - most of which will come somewhere between the 20s and result in only modest gains. Give me a back likely to receive well over 100 targets all day over someone who will receive more carries but far fewer targets.
  5. Why are you looking solely at last year’s numbers for Kamara? He played through injury all season and even missed two games. The year before he had 275 touches - only 25 short of the magic(?) 300-touch threshold. He’s certainly “capable” of seeing a couple more touches per game than he had in 2018, barring injury. Payton also explained that he made a conscious decision to feature Kamara far less in the RZ last season due to his injuries. I don’t see why he wouldn’t reassume those duties if at full health.
  6. Where are you seeing a current early-round-two ADP for Ekeler? I haven’t seen him anywhere close to that anywhere.
  7. The Chargers ranked 13th in the league in Adjusted Line Yards last season - just behind the Colts and ahead of the Eagles.
  8. I think it’s clear that Robert has spent his time in the past doing far less commendable things - in this case, credit is rightfully due.
  9. They will either draft or sign a pass-catcher out of the backfield.
  10. Maybe - probably isn’t a good idea for winning a football game, however.
  11. He wears glasses, though - he’s kind of a nerd. 🤓
  12. I’d say that gamble is too rich even for Riverboat Ron’s blood.
  13. I wish MJD had provided some incisive analysis to support his claim. In the meantime, I’ll side with those who have actually analyzed the pros and cons of big contracts for RBs.
  14. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/ezekiel-elliott-is-not-worth-the-money-he-wants/
  15. Yes, definitely - nothing has changed his prospects of ending up as their fifth.
  16. Who knew Toby Harrah would make this list twice?
  17. Something to bear in mind about Fant if you’re concerned about volume: nearly 60% of his total yardage came after the catch (8.3 YAC average).
  18. On the snap-count issue, I think the drop-off was mainly due to an assortment of hip, foot and shoulder injuries Fant was playing through during the last month of the season.
  19. With Kessler gone, Hoyer’s path to taking over the torch from Thomas Brady becomes much clearer.
  20. We may never learn the results of the latest Patriots cheating scandal?
  21. Yes he was - not a good coverage LB.
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