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  1. 5 minutes ago, txbball8 said:

    Wow this thread is silent! Posted the below in the Mike Williams forum as well...

    is anyone worried about negative game script (both teams preferring to establish the run/keep the opposing offense on the sidelines) shortening the game/decreasing the total # of possessions for the Chargers offense?

    I have Herbert, Mike Will, and Jared Cook and plan on starting all 3 without blinking (Herbert over Jalen Hurts, MW over Claypool), but I'm wondering if I need to temper expectations this week. Also, Dallas has 1 pretty solid corner - Trevon Diggs (picked off Brady and only allowed 1 catch last week) - and a horrendous defensive line that just lost its best player (Demarcus Lawrence), so maybe the Chargers just jam the ball down Dallas' throat...

    I’m not sure the Chargers are equipped to play “run through the trenches” with any team with Ekeler.  This is a classic case of “don’t overthink it.”  Start all your LAC pass-catchers.

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  2. 15 minutes ago, JE7HorseGod said:


    Got it, thanks guys.

    I guess at the end of the day, be it a result of the way teams scheme their WRs to roll to different sides of coverage, or challenge Bradberry more frequently in the EZ leading maybe not to yards but to scores at least, it sure seems to me like #1 WRs aren't hindered in their fantasy results against teams for which Bradberry is the corner regardless of what the advanced analytics say.

    I mean, he did shut down Allen Robinson and Amari Cooper last year - and they are pretty good #1s.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Butters said:

    The encouraging thing for me is, Heinicke does not appear to be checkdown charlie, He looks to push it down the field. It’s just one game, but I like the fact that they fed their best WR, and it worked.

    “It’s me!  👋🏻

    Yes - definitely true.  I wouldn’t have thought that based on the Chargers game, but I now have to throw that right out the window.  Should be an exciting development for McLaurin owners - especially as that is his worst matchup in the division assuredly.

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  4. 1 minute ago, JE7HorseGod said:

    I'm not sure how we arrived at those stats exactly.

    What I do know is that if you started Mike Evans, DK Metcalf, Brandon Aiyuk, Terry McLaurin, Cooper Kupp, Tee Higgins, McLaurin (either game), or JuJu Smith Schuster against NYG last year you did ok, and TBH I've noticed similar trends against the Panthers in previous years.

    James Bradberry, New York Giants
    Key Stat to Know: Bradberry shadowed a league-high 10 games last year.

    The Giants acquired Bradberry last offseason to help bolster their secondary and that’s exactly what he did for New York in 2020. PFF charted Bradberry as a shadow corner in 10 games last year. He allowed 50+ yards to a single wideout just once, despite facing some tough competition. His first year in New York led to him posting a career-low in completion rate (56.4%) and opposing QB Rating (70.1) when targeted. He finished the year as the No. 7 cornerback and led all corners in forced incompletions (17).



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  5. 2 minutes ago, MingusDew said:

    Bradberry basically makes his living getting burned by McLaurin. There should have been 0 concerns from anyone on that point.

    Benching Terry for someone like AB is the worst kind of point chasing. I hope it works out for y'all but yikes.

    Bradberry allowed 36 yards to McLaurin in direct coverage last year.  I think it’s reasonable to assume even someone as talented as McLaurin would be in for a bad day if Judge opted to keep him shadowed the whole game versus a backup.

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  6. 15 minutes ago, JE7HorseGod said:

    He's a good player but I think from our perspective as FFers we should look at him more at a Patrick Peterson type, he's a playmaker who gets picks, but he also gambles with deception as opposed to blanketing his guy, and so opposing WRs can get catches and yardage on him.

    No doubt some days are better than others for him but like I said, not someone I'm going to be too concerned of when I have say Amari Cooper going against him this year.

    Right - I don’t think anyone should ever dream of sitting Cooper regardless of matchup.  But as for Bradberry, he did shadow more often than any corner in the league last year and only surrendered 50+ yards once on those dates - along with the most forced incompletions.  

  7. 6 minutes ago, JE7HorseGod said:

    Of future note for Bradberry shadow concerns - he def makes some nice ballhawk plays but I believe he also once gave up a 300 yard game to Julio, and can recall some other times where people shyed away and ended up regretting it.  

    Not in the "Alexander/Lattimore" mold of shy away corner IMO.

    He’s not in that elite Alexander tier, but he’s still one of the best out there.  Of note, he doesn’t always shadow.  I think I should’ve added to my list of risks: Heinicke didn’t look like someone who was going to cut the ball loose regularly last week - just about the same number of drop-backs as Lamar in Week 1.

  8. I absolutely love J Moyer’s analyses and would suggest that everyone here scrutinize them.  

    I don’t think he’s wrong - I guess time will tell.  How much of that was just a rook having to learn on the fly out of the blue, how much can we expect him to improve while practicing with the ones and receiving more coaching attention?  I don’t know.

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  9. 5 minutes ago, Funkenstein said:

    If it were week 10, maybe. But benching in week 2? Thursday night national game, start of the fantasy week.  Nah..

    I'm not gonna kill people for benching him, I just don't understand it at all.  In week 2 you can't bench your best WR (or 2nd best) because a QB that he's never played with went down in week 1.  Next QB up has to throw it to someone. 

    I mean, depending on your options, I can totally understand it - I think he was barely targeted in the first half of last week’s game even with Heinicke in for most of that.  There are others on the team that can be targeted.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Edgeraid said:

    Deebo I get but Terry feasted on the Giants in both games last year and Mike Williams isn't even the WR1 on his team.

    Go back to last year and Williams target counts are all over the place. I'd take Terry's upside over Williams 100 times out of 100. 

    I think the risks here were, in no specific order: rain and bad field conditions; a newly elevated starting QB whom he hadn’t practiced with for most of the off-season; and Bradberry, who is one of the best shadow corners in the game.  Kudos to those who started him, but I don’t think it’s justifiable to disparage those who didn’t under the circumstances.

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  11. 10 hours ago, brakeyawself said:

    Week 1 Toney was invisible.  Totaled like 2 yards on 2 targets I think.

    Week 2, all ready the 4th quarter and can’t even get on the field.

    Toney has all the makings of a Giants draft bust.

    If you haven’t, I’d grab a Slayton, who’s still very cheap and overlooked and having second good game in a row.  He’l be right there with Galladay and Shep all season.  And Slayton is the guy that’s going to get red zone targets.  Jones loves getting Slayton the ball in the red zone.  Grab him while you can.

    And in dynasty, maybe trade Toney before he’s officially a bust.

    Posting passive-aggressive s—- on Instagram about his usage isn’t going to endear him to the organization.

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  12. 49 minutes ago, LeeVanCleef said:

    I mean you said "awful" was a strong word to describe the QBs he's played with and I pointed out that awful is a pretty adequate word to describe the above QBs. He has played with poor talent at QB his entire career and has balled out regardless of who is at the helm. Fitz is a journey man who has started for 9 different teams in this league. Not sure what your arguement even is here when the evidence is pretty overwhelming. He is clearly QB proof.

    As a WFT fan, I hope your pattern remains true, Van Cleef - forgive me if I’m still skeptical.   I hope you can cite overwhelming evidence in that regard throughout his career.  Not many WRs out there are “QB-proof” but man I hope you’re right.  Check back in with you at the end of the season and we can discuss further

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