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  1. Just now, buzzkilloton said:

    All of us SQB owners still crying missing out on those 3.7 points week 1. Big diff with SQB and Terry M. SQB is coming off a injury and on a known snap count.

    Terry M is the same guy as week 1, actually hes in a better spot now. 

    Yeah imagining he’s in the same situation as Week 1 - and now facing Bradberry - is bad process 

  2. 1 minute ago, Walk with me said:

    As a filthy casual how bad is this situation?


    I was hype I got him in the 3rd round… just looking at a stat sheet and listening to reactions dude looks like a total bust…

    Hey we get it - stop referring to yourself that way.  If you’re here, you’re not casual.


    Not bad at all - be patient.

  3. 3 minutes ago, buzzkilloton said:

    Jones may vulture some TDs but him being a running threat is good overall. The threat of that on defenses makes them have to pay attention outside rather the just tunnel SQB. Esp with how bad the Giants Oline is having that extra threat takes some attention off of SQB.

    It really seems like that must’ve been factored in - it’s not as if Jones’s ability to run was previously unknown.

  4. On 7/23/2021 at 5:01 PM, SharkSwimmer said:

    I think there was a musical act back in the 80s named TonyToneyToni! or something like that.  Maybe this guy is the 4th Toney.

    Funny story: I remember going with my friend to a Sam Goody to look for CDs that would really show off his absurd car sound system bass.  I was like, “What about Ton-ee, Ton-I, Tone?”


    “No man, that’s Tony Tony Tony.”

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  5. 5 minutes ago, charger_ss24 said:

    The hell he do? Spreading butter on his morning toast?

    Well, this is a new one on me:

    Manager Dusty Baker said Valdez sustained the cut after putting his hand on the outfield wall during batting practice at the year-old home of the Rangers.”

    Kids: watch out for touching those walls out there…

  6. I honestly feel like Boone gets a bad rap - he’s been struggling all year to make the best of a bad situation with the endless succession of injuries/illnesses to key players, along with inexplicable drop-offs in performance by many vets, and whereas at one point they seemed doomed, here they are right on the cusp of the playoffs.  But the NY faithful have never been a fan base to treat their manager (or fill-in-the-blank) with kid gloves!

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  7. 3 minutes ago, Richard Kimble said:

    I can blame him for anything I want, but perhaps you're correct that Dombrowski bears the weight of the blame for the rotation issues. Girardi has simply mangled the bullpen, the lineup, the defense. Just letting McCutchen and his .172/.283/.316 SLG against righties "protect" Harper in the lineup, and the inability to find a decent leadoff option, are a few of the many reasons the Phillies failed to make a serious charge in a very winnable division. Don't get me started on the bullpen. Anyway, none of it is Ranger's fault, he's been great.

    Well of course you may - free country and all that - perhaps I should have stated that I don’t think it’s “reasonable” to blame Girardi (at the very least solely) for that call.

    I agree that it’s really more of a matter of roster construction that has held the team back. Very few bright spots - and a whole host of disappointments.  And the cavalry brought in at the deadline hasn’t done much to move the needle.

    Despite all that, they still remain squarely in contention even at this late hour.  If Girardi is in fact the worst manager you’ve ever seen, you have led a charmed life as a baseball fan!

  8. Suarez was a guy coming off an arm injury that cut his season short last year - he was never going to enter the season as a full-time starter, let alone be allowed to pitch in the rotation for six months straight.  Plus, he was doing excellent work in relief, even eventually as the closer.  I don’t think you can blame Girardi for making the sensible decision to limit his innings.  If anything, Dombrowski made the move for Kennedy when he did so as to free Suarez up to make a return to the rotation for the final stretch.

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