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  1. It's 14 to allow him to exclude clobberings by Boston and Arizona in late May.
  2. So should I remain concerned with Rhys's average?
  3. Man, the umps are still pretty upset with Kinsler
  4. Stephen Gonsalves looking to get the call for Monday for the Twins - surprised to see no thread yet
  5. Pretty sure he's slated to start Monday
  6. Wouldn't this hypothetical dude have at least 100 or so taters? Or maybe just 600 Ks.
  7. Thanks, Big Bat - I really appreciated your response - as well as your continued observations and analysis.
  8. Girardi should issue a message after this one - you're in a middle-innings role now, bub. Try not to somersault if you allow a clean one.
  9. Yeah. This guy has middle innings on him.
  10. Bye-bye A-rold - enjoy the seventh for a while.
  11. That Petit/Middleton/[fill in the blank] thingamajig is working to perfection
  12. It was during his last AB - Yanks announcers noted he audibly winced and swung with less authority for the remainder of the AB.
  13. The Chis-el just keeps cutting a swathe through the bigs
  14. I tried to warn Melancon folks the other day - sounds like an inevitable surgery here
  15. Seems like he might've tweaked his thumb on a swing there
  16. The Princetonian tried to explain this to Matheny, but he refused to listen
  17. Probably because he doesn't have his "man muscles" yet
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