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  1. I roam the halls, you’re my dad’s brother - we learn something new everyday
  2. I know it’s made inexplicably more difficult to ascertain someone’s history, but it does look like you’re fairly new. You can’t just go at people like that on this forum - or you’ll be shut down from contributing. Please bear that in mind in future exchanges. Thank you.
  3. I hate to let down family and all, but - I feel like I’ll be ok - I picked this guy up across the board before the game so I think I’m gonna be good.
  4. I will work on that, Unc - thanks for the heads-up.
  5. Jesh has nothing on these other WW options
  6. Hey, I hear you - I’m not at all looking to trade him as a flex currently. The value prop was just too good to do so. But if you need to, for whatever reason, it’s possible you will enjoy your return as of the moment.
  7. That accounts for 6 - heck, let’s say 8 - WR3s - so what about the rest of the teams in your league who could benefit from a WR3 in that tier?
  8. I’m waiting with breath officially bated for that upcoming phenomenon.
  9. Yes, but I wouldn’t expect that to be the norm - Davis still had a perfectly usable game.
  10. But he really didn’t have a “bad game.”
  11. Some men…just want to watch the world burn
  12. I mean, there is more to the game than who has the most power: what do the Yanks need more? Another RHH power bat from a guy who won’t contribute much in terms of on-base ability and hurt you on defense? Or a left-handed hitter with elite defense and excellent on-base skills who still has PLENTY of power to take advantage of the short porch for many years to come? Also: Rizzo “pulling this and that” doesn’t really compare to a guy who missed practically half the season with an injury that was originally expected to only sideline him for a month. It’s awesome and all that Voit ended up with the most homers in those eight-or-so weeks last season, but to say the Yankees have no valid reason for choosing Rizzo is really myopic.
  13. Yep, we will see, to be sure. Just calling it as I see it here. Wasn’t impressed overall with his game.
  14. How do you know which player Villanueva was assigned to cover? Yes, first NFL game - and a lot to work on - and a ton of competition on board now, with many more years’ experience. Not feeling optimistic on this one.
  15. Crying about “Average Draft Position” is a mistake that no one perusing these forums should be making, quite honestly
  16. Maybe the illness, but definitely not the toe injury he came in with and looked to have re-aggravated
  17. There are many logical reasons for them to re-sign Rizzo - your self-indulgent complaining notwithstanding. Jesus, dude.
  18. Ok - agreed with that statement. I for one hope he performs better this season.
  19. So…Tyler Lockett at TE? He’s a TE. It’s only slightly more interesting than debating a kicker versus his ADP. Once you get past the first two/three, it really doesn’t matter.
  20. Dude - it was a sarcastic comment. I’m just no longer concerned with ADP - and I’m certainly not concluding a player isn’t returning commensurate value after one frickin’ game!
  21. Right, see above - I mean, the draft is over - I’m not interested in debating ADP any longer. I just want to know what kind of production I can expect from the player - and nothing tonight led me to believe Andrews would be usurped as the top target in this offense.
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