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  1. 6 minutes ago, Uncle_Ruckus said:

    Awesome revisionist history on your part. People like you like to twist reality. There was a direct quote from McCarthy that summer saying that Jamaal Williams would be the lead back. My brother even complains about McCarthy saying that because I give him a hard time on being so adamant to me that Williams was the better pick than Jones (who he took several rounds before I took Jones). He said he wouldn’t have taken Williams ahead of Jones if not for the coaches quote.


    Additionally, Williams unequivocally had a higher ADP. Don’t make me go trouncing you further this late at night 

    I know it’s made inexplicably more difficult to ascertain someone’s history, but it does look like you’re fairly new.  You can’t just go at people like that on this forum - or you’ll be shut down from contributing.  Please bear that in mind in future exchanges. Thank you.

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  2. 7 minutes ago, kp96 said:

    Look, if you're going to trade AB as a WR3 type guy to another owner, have at it.  I think that's totally reasonable.  It's these "you can get a king's ransom" comments that don't make sense.  What would you give for a WR3?  Your RB2?  WR2?  Starting QB or TE?  Of course not.  You will at best be getting back a committee RB or something like that.  Certainly not a king's ransom.

    AB was ranked and drafted as a WR3 for a reason.  He had one good game - did any of those reasons all of a sudden vanish?  The only real thing that could have happened is if we saw him replace Evans or Godwin in 2 WR sets.  That didn't happen. 

    As I've said before, his owners probably view AB as a WR2 or even WR1 (which is totally fine) but the rest of the league views him as a WR3 who had a big game. 

    Hey, I hear you - I’m not at all looking to trade him as a flex currently.  The value prop was just too good to do so.  But if you need to, for whatever reason, it’s possible you will enjoy your return as of the moment.

  3. 13 minutes ago, kp96 said:

    None of the guys I listed come off the field in 2 WR sets.  Only AB does.  And they all had more targets than AB except Robbie.  We can do this all day. 

    The point is, if you have any of the aforementioned WRs you dont need AB.

    That accounts for 6 - heck, let’s say 8 - WR3s - so what about the rest of the teams in your league who could benefit from a WR3 in that tier?

  4. 8 hours ago, The Big Bat Theory said:

    Except that Rizzo has less power than Voit.  He is 32 years old and going downhill in his career by definition and will be looking for a multi-year expensive contract. 

    Meanwhile the Yankees have a better hitting 1B two years younger in Voit who isn't a free agent until 2025. 

    Rizzo is also showing the ability to pull this and that and miss more and more games this season because something is pulled or hurting or whatever.  Which is another sign of age catching up with him.  It makes no sense paying Rizzo big bucks when Voit is younger, cheaper and hits with more power. 

    Honestly I see no reason whatsoever for the Yankees to waste money on a position that is just fine while they have much bigger needs.

    I mean, there is more to the game than who has the most power: what do the Yanks need more?  Another RHH power bat from a guy who won’t contribute much in terms of on-base ability and hurt you on defense?  Or a left-handed hitter with elite defense and excellent on-base skills who still has PLENTY of power to take advantage of the short porch for many years to come?  Also: Rizzo “pulling this and that” doesn’t really compare to a guy who missed practically half the season with an injury that was originally expected to only sideline him for a month.  It’s awesome and all that Voit ended up with the most homers in those eight-or-so weeks last season, but to say the Yankees have no valid reason for choosing Rizzo is really myopic.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, Jetdog16 said:

    What about the fact that he actually looked and played explosive? And put up 6 points all by himself on a 4th down play. Dude has 4.48 speed with a physical play style. I think your take is pessimistic and would be willing to bet that over the course of the season he will prove himself as their best option.

    The Ravens can't afford to let Murray plod forward for three yards. With the limitations of their passing game it will be a long season unless they get big time production from their RB's. If Murray still has juice left in the tank to put up 1,000 yards then he so be it...he's 31 and didn't look special tonight. We'll see what happens going forward...

    Yep, we will see, to be sure.  Just calling it as I see it here.  Wasn’t impressed overall with his game.

  6. 17 minutes ago, hangin n wangin said:

    He said that referring to the illness. I don’t know what the illness is but I would assume he wouldn’t need a couple weeks to get right from it. 

    Maybe the illness, but definitely not the toe injury he came in with and looked to have re-aggravated

  7. 6 hours ago, secretagentman said:

    God only knows.  There is no logical reason they should sign Rizzo imo as he is well past his prime and they have an obvious need for a CF and a SS, but hey the clueless Yankee management's stupidity can never be underestimated lol. 

    Voit has injury concerns, but you can say that of Stanton (who is at best healthy 50% of the time) , Judge, Hicks (who is almost never healthy), to say nothing of Severino (has not pitched in almost 3 full seasons), German, Britton, etc.  Voit should be the least of their concerns in that regard.  If I were them, I would focus on a CF (maybe Marte since he is not a swing for the fences guy and offers speed and defense...which is why they will likely not go after him lol as the three true outcomes morons in their analytic department will likely never go for it).  And maybe find a decent SP if possible that can supplement Cole and Montgomery (assuming they jettison Kluber and Tallion). They can't rely on German and Severino can't stay on the field.

    There are many logical reasons for them to re-sign Rizzo - your self-indulgent complaining notwithstanding.  Jesus, dude.

  8. 1 minute ago, Gohawks said:

    Here’s the thing and the point I was making:

    He didn’t return this value last year either. As I mentioned he had a few fluke games early where he got a few TDs. Week 5+ he wasn’t any better than dudes going double his ADP. If he was it was marginally.

    His ADP was probably the most baffling thing all year. 

    Ok - agreed with that statement.

    I for one hope he performs better this season.

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  9. Just now, StevenSC400 said:

    He will probably be the same player. But as you already know most of his production comes from low volume and high TD rate. TDs are a very flukey thing to count on year after year. If there is even a slight drop off he can fall to outside top 10 range. Had him last year and was one of the most frustrating players. He did end up top 5 but it was just such a huge range of outcomes. He might get 3 TDs in one game and not score again for weeks. He had plenty of games where he went 1 for 29, 2 for 22 etc. He didnt break 100 yards in a single game. His bread and butter is basically falling into the end zone. 

    So…Tyler Lockett at TE?

    He’s a TE.  It’s only slightly more interesting than debating a kicker versus his ADP.  Once you get past the first two/three, it really doesn’t matter.

  10. Just now, ilikepieman said:

    There's no debate about his ADP—it was early or mid 5th in a 12-team league. You said "let’s all hope no one drafted him in the fifth round," but basically everyone who owns him did draft him there. Obviously you would feel different if he fell into the 7th or 8th and you got him there, but that almost never happened in competitive leagues.


    ADP is relevant because of team comp. Every fantasy relevant player has "value" if you disregard their ADP. But ultimately your players have to perform better than the players on other teams who had the same set of picks. Even aside from that though, it doesn't make sense to say "let’s all hope no one drafted him in the fifth round" when that's where almost every owner here took him, between 49 and 60 overall.

    Dude - it was a sarcastic comment.  I’m just no longer concerned with ADP - and I’m certainly not concluding a player isn’t returning commensurate value after one frickin’ game!

  11. Just now, ilikepieman said:

    According to Fantasy Pros his preseason ranking was 48 and ADP was 54—most people who have him took him in the 5th if not the 4/5 turn.

    Right, see above - I mean, the draft is over - I’m not interested in debating ADP any longer.  I just want to know what kind of production I can expect from the player - and nothing tonight led me to believe Andrews would be usurped as the top target in this offense.

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