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  1. No idea why he wasn’t targeted on that 3rd-down play
  2. Josh is ill…but at least he has no toe injury worthy of mention
  3. Gus was pretty darn efficient on his carries, though
  4. True - but bringing “YPC” into the convo at this point seems totally pointless.
  5. Men of the cloth sticking together - I like it
  6. Whoa - don’t know how anyone could rule him out as a GL option after watching that first game.
  7. Got it - I was talking about this season.
  8. Thank goodness it’s nothing worse than this rook annoying a Shanahan HC before games started. Shouldn’t be any sort of an issue
  9. Yeah - some folks just are in the running for most useless posts on the season
  10. There was - Mitchell was running with the twos before the game started
  11. He’s back now but D-Will might be a very stealthy cuff pick
  12. The optimism is truly an inspiring event to witness
  13. Someone check in with Cleats - I’m officially worried
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