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  1. Right, see above - I mean, the draft is over - I’m not interested in debating ADP any longer. I just want to know what kind of production I can expect from the player - and nothing tonight led me to believe Andrews would be usurped as the top target in this offense.
  2. Well - let’s all hope no one drafted him in the fifth round. He should still be among the best TE plays per week this season
  3. This guy has been on the team for all of about four days and already in his first game - with Ty’Son balling in the first half - ended with 10 carries and a touch. Sorry, I cannot back down off my stance that Murray will see more than 10 carries/week if he is the starter
  4. Yeah I mean I’m not even counting receptions - just in terms of sheer carries, he was over 10 except against the Pats
  5. Dude, come on - once Dobbins finally won the lead role, he was comfortably above 10 carries each week
  6. I’m sure that’s true, in terms of sheer yardage - but the lead of this committee is going to see more than 10 carries a week. That’s like Damien Williams level workload
  7. The lead rusher of the Ravens is going to average 10 carries per week? I really don’t understand this comment
  8. A hearty congrats to all you Murray owners
  9. Good luck with Waller in the :30 second drill
  10. They should experiment with covering Darren Waller - just a hunch
  11. We all still pretending to be unconcerned about Jacobs’s health?
  12. No idea why he wasn’t targeted on that 3rd-down play
  13. Josh is ill…but at least he has no toe injury worthy of mention
  14. Gus was pretty darn efficient on his carries, though
  15. They should probably just triple-cover Waller
  16. Anything short of ~45 targets is a mistake
  17. True - but bringing “YPC” into the convo at this point seems totally pointless.
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