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  1. I dropped him right before the collins injury and he was designated out for next game with knee but then it was an error and he was healthy and has blown up since. I still think return of collins and hunter will hurt him. Right now they need him for scoring but those 2 guys coming back will take the load off.
  2. Sold him for cp3 few weeks back and haven't looked back. This guy is allergic to stocks
  3. With him being borderline roster able with all those guys out. Once there all in specially KD I see his playing time cut
  4. Sauders fired. Maybe Kat's value holds up now long term and team is committed to winning
  5. Because there might be believers out there like you who thinks he will go the distance.
  6. Hence the guy who got Bam may actually fare better knowing miami going play him max mins a game down the stretch and positioning themselves on playoff standings. That's exactly what I'm referring to when your #1 pick is on bottom of barrel team in standings and on top being injured.
  7. Magics have and always been in contention. When your in the the EAST being at at the bottom your never ruled out. Wolves on the other hand even if we threw them into the EAST right now they would still be bottom of the bottom.
  8. Yup that was the only point i was implying is his a high risk to be rested, shutdown, mins cut when you need him most the last 3-4 weeks in the end of season. What does he have to gain end of the season if his wrist still has pain?
  9. exactly not when he is still whining about his wrist
  10. His already developed they already know what they got in him.. Organization -"Lets shut down Kat so he doesn't risk making his wrist worst and look towards next season".
  11. No there ultimate goal is to be contenders in the future like all the other teams. Only way to do that is to get draft picks. No stars wanna goto freezing small market towns.
  12. I haven't yet....Im trying to though...offering him and Utah bodan for curry for starters. I love Kat but don't say i did't try to warn you guys a month or two from now.
  13. Unfortunately that is what the NBA teams have come down to. Just look at OKC they liqudated all their assets to get draft picks...its a business to them now. Wolves probably got barely any fans as it is so they dont need to sell tickets specially this year due to lack of fans.
  14. Thats the point i was making. Last season it wasn't a dislocation or a fracture and he stopped playing in Feb and sat until mid march when NBA got postponned. Now his got a real wrist injury, a month later claiming he hasn't healed whatsoever and with losses piling up...what makes you think he decides to gut it out if he didn't do it last year.
  15. Well owning Kat last year they sat him for weeks (pretty much ending his season) and that was only due to wrist sprain and not a fracture/dislocation like this time. I got burned last year by him mid march thinking he be done for the season but then season ended due to covid. If he wasn't injured i would be a lot more confident holding him. Im pretty sure if Wolves were in contention Kat would of kept playing. I remember he tried gutting it out and played even more and still performed but finally decided to just sit for rest of last season. What makes you think he wont do the same again this y
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