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  1. 13 teams confirmed. Just need one more team to get to 14. Slow draft starts Sunday.
  2. Looking to start the draft process in 24-48 hours. Extended draft done in a draft room. 1-2 rounds per day. Takes 7-10 days to complete the inaugural draft. Not too late to join!
  3. Email invite sent from league. Also sent you a direct personal email. Cheers Dave.
  4. Hey Todd, email invite has been sent. Please accept and check out the league. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers.
  5. 10 teams committed. Any keeper league GMs out there looking for. Real challenge? Very active group of players here. 2-4 slots remaining. Reply to this thread!
  6. Slow draft in draft room to take place over the course of a week. Need to fill a few spots!
  7. Send me your email address, so I can get you info Andy. We are gearing up to get the draft started. Cheers, Ren
  8. Just a few spots left! Great group here! WELCOME TO THE HISTORY OF BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION (HOBA) 14 TEAMS $300 PER SEASON 2 DIVISIONS/ 7 TEAMS PER DIVISION The HOBA is a dynasty style head to head categories formatted league. I currently run a 10 year running dynasty baseball league, and very much enjoy the continuity of a dynasty style format. A little about me: I have run leagues for over 20 years and started playing fantasy basketball in the old AOL fantasy grandstand days of the late 90’s. I am a serious player and always a contender. This league will incorpo
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