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  1. Looks like Soroka will get one more start at the Royals or Mets. How "relatively short" do you think Yahoo means? I'll take another 5 inning win
  2. Huge Braves and Acuna fan and it was absolutely the right call on Snitker's part. Not only was the watching and trot to first ridiculous, a huge opportunity was missed to have runners on 2nd and 3rd with no outs and Albies up. Plus Fried was battling his tail off against the best hitters in baseball and didn't need that buzzkill of an inning. Luckily Braves won and I think this little incident will wind up being a positive for Acuna and the team in the long run.
  3. May comes out of the pen for Dodgers. Hit, walk, hit batter then Ortega grand slam. Braves up 5-3
  4. FWIW our local radio station just had Chris Dimino (Atlanta sports radio) on and he said he thinks it's Melancon's job. Said if Snitiker changes his mind after naming Melancon the starter a week ago it would show desperation. I think we continue to see Melancon in save situations going forward.
  5. sorry for the off topic post but the Tigers got: SP Joey Wentz 21y/o - No. 7 prospect in the Braves organization. 5-8 with a 4.72 ERA and a 1.31 WHIP in 20 starts this season in AA (1-0 2.70 with Erie) OF Travis Demeritte 24 y/o - not among the top-30 prospects. .286 with 20HR & 74 RBIs in 96 games this year in Triple-A. 30th pick in the 2013 MLB draft
  6. I’m surprised there’s no talk of Hand’s back-to-back wins aka meltdowns.
  7. The thing that bothered me the most last night about Melancon was his antics on the mound. He was continually covering the rubber with dirt and staring into the Marlins dugout. The home plate ump came out before first batter and cleared the rubber then Melancon put dirt back on it. Boos from the crowd and yells from Marlins dugout. Then a batter later the first base umpire came out to talk to him to cut it out. It was strange and unnecessary behavior especially in such an important part of the game. Prefer he focus on getting batters out than putting on a show on the mound. Coaches and
  8. 6/60 since July 17 (2 HR 5 RBI) Average down to .254 from .280. Love the HRs but guy is struggling big time. Can he get it back on track or will the struggles continue?
  9. St. Louis just purchased the contract of RHP Junior Fernandez from AAA Memphis. 2 saves, 3 earned runs and 23 strikeouts in 20 innings with the Redbirds Anything to see here?
  10. Since June 12 here are his innings and pitch count 6/12 - 6.2 and 96 6/17 - 7 and 97 6/22 - 7 and 103 6/30 - 5 and 91 7/11 - 5 and 85 7/17 - 5.1 and 95 7/23 - 6 and 97 7/28 - 6 and 77
  11. FWIW, the Braves are averaging 3 runs per game while Soroka is pitching (most of their runs have come in 7-9th innings) The guy's pitching in 1-2 run ball games and delivering. But I kind of agree that he's due for some regression as the season wears on.
  12. Ohtani yesterday: "My timing is on point. My body feels great. I feel like I'm ready to go as of right now. I'm a little ahead of schedule"
  13. Man he was cruising. Wheels have come off in 7th...
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