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  1. If anyone wants to try my tv service out let me know I do a free 48 hour trial. Works on Firesticks and any phone. It’s on a one min delay before all “well is it legal” blah comments. If you know anything regarding streaming as long as it’s not “live” reason why people on Facebook get taken down for ppvs, etc. But it has all sport packages
  2. Uh they had three games canceled. They have off days June 4 and they have three games against each other after that day so makes perfect sense. 8 game weeks do happen. Happened twice last year.
  3. For weekly leagues with all the rainouts is there any website that lists them? I’m pretty sure the Sox and Twins will have a 8 game week because of this but just was wondering if there was an easier way to look up all the rescheduled dates.
  4. Hey I do just ok in roto but doing a h2h league so I was thinking it be easier just to not focus on some categories like sb and steals. The categories we use are hits,avg,obp,sb,rbi,r,hr and for pitching s,w,so,era,whip,qs. So figure skip them two and just hope to make up for it other categories. Any other suggestions?
  5. If you do a playoff draft I feel 6 teams keeps it more interesting that is what I do every year. 6 teams so everyone has 2 qbs,k and defense
  6. Nice to see someone else plays at rtsports. But I gotta admit that is quick for them to pay us. I swear it was never that quick
  7. Just glad the refs didn’t cost the eagles a win. Can’t believe how one sided the calls were.
  8. Isn’t Perkins also listed as out so the depth chart wouldn’t mean anything for this game atleast
  9. Is there a reason people are so high on Smallwood? I had three home league drafts which are mostly eagle fans and he wasn't drafted in any of them. Also Smallwood is injury prone as well. I personally prefer clement over Smallwood but sproles is the only guy I would want on my team. If anything Blount probably get the goal line carries even if he sucks.
  10. I am in points leagues so this week the NYM,CHW,and MIN each have 8 games. Who would get more at bats with Sano out of the lineup though?
  11. I think the scorekeeper was going against him this week cause how does harris get a hold, but devenski doesn't? :/
  12. Not sure. But I checked all my cards and no purchase of it. It's like god sent me the Bible to do my mission lol
  13. Has anyone got Ron shandlers baseball forecaster 2017 in the mail for free? It was sent to my parents address but I checked and I didn't pay for it :/. Weird thing is I was thinking of buying it but hey not going to complain
  14. Weird hmm well i signed up already this season then cancelled before the five day termination period. I wonder if i will still be able to get it for the $57 then. I'll see later tonight
  15. Why wait just sign up today. The service has been horrible but for half the price im going to go home and buy it tonight most likely.
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