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  1. Probably right. At most a couple of days, but still, likely Rogers if there's a save today as he's been far better this season so far. Only issue I see is he pitches 1.2 innings yesterday, but I'd rather roster him for a day or two and he not pitch than have Wisler.
  2. It's strange that a prospect that was supposed to have great contact skills, but his power would have to develop, has started his career struggling at the major league level. Granted his rookie season wasn't bad and he's dealt with injuries, but he's yet to become the player he should be. Doesn't help that Naquin started the season off ridiculously hot, so he's going to continue to play, but he's also not anywhere near that good. Regular playing time will likely open up again at some point since Naquin is just an average hitter, as long as Senzel wakes up at some point. If you reall
  3. Yeah, that doesn't excuse the fact that he gave up 3 singles after the error, but he still should have had an easy save given it would have been a 1, 2, 3 inning. He still should be an elite closer for years to come (even after the Indians trade him someday).
  4. He could. It's not like he's been inefficient. 87, 86, and 81 have been his pitch counts so far. If this wasn't the trend of modern baseball, he could have very easily gone at least 7 in all of his starts so far. It's been a rough start to the season so far, so I haven't been in the mood to come in here and celebrate his fantastic start to the season, but he's been fantastic so far and that's what matters. Consider it a plus he's been so great to get himself at least 6 IP in all of his starts so far given his ridiculously low pitch count.
  5. In Clase's defense, they had a mediocre at best fielding OF playing 1B named Naylor and he let a ball go right through his legs. Otherwise he would have gotten the save.
  6. He has the checkmark next to him on Yahoo, so they know (unless it was just recently added), they just haven't taken him off IL yet. Maybe the team hasn't made it official yet even though he basically is already.
  7. The issue I have is that it's mild inflammation. I get that you don't want to mess with wrist injury, especially to a young star, but it's essentially a bruise and there's still no idea when he'll be back.
  8. Got off to a dreadful start to this season, but has now homered in back-to-back games. A monster 2 HR, 7 RBI game tonight. Might be worth picking up for the time being, as I remember he went on quite a nice run in 2019 when he got his career back on track for a while.
  9. It is kind of a joke though that they said he was put on the 10 day IL as a precaution and now he's not even doing anything after 9 days on the list. He looks like he has the potential to be a great player, but unless there was more to the injury than they said, then he could suck it up and at least get back to baseball activities.
  10. Can't comment on the stats as I haven't bothered to look yet, but waivers seem to be all good again on Yahoo...
  11. True. As long as I can pick up the two players I want after they clear waivers in time for games tonight, then no big deal in the end. Still a bit frustrating though.
  12. It'a amazing that they still don't have it fixed. It's almost Noon...
  13. Exactly, but that's not the popular thing to do here. Even if a guy like Rojas has a great spring, he turns to trash after 2 games.
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