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  1. Got off to a dreadful start to this season, but has now homered in back-to-back games. A monster 2 HR, 7 RBI game tonight. Might be worth picking up for the time being, as I remember he went on quite a nice run in 2019 when he got his career back on track for a while.
  2. It is kind of a joke though that they said he was put on the 10 day IL as a precaution and now he's not even doing anything after 9 days on the list. He looks like he has the potential to be a great player, but unless there was more to the injury than they said, then he could suck it up and at least get back to baseball activities.
  3. Can't comment on the stats as I haven't bothered to look yet, but waivers seem to be all good again on Yahoo...
  4. True. As long as I can pick up the two players I want after they clear waivers in time for games tonight, then no big deal in the end. Still a bit frustrating though.
  5. Exactly, but that's not the popular thing to do here. Even if a guy like Rojas has a great spring, he turns to trash after 2 games.
  6. It's nice to see, and obviously he deserves to play everyday, but they opened against a lefty. Isn't he in a platoon with Dickerson?
  7. Well, you did say his value was killed. An extreme overreaction given he may only be out 2 weeks of a 162 game season. It sucks that he got hurt, but to say his value is killed, he was a waste of a pick, or that he may be a a bust now (Albusto Monbustesi) is all just plan ridiculous. He's still going to give you an advantage over every team in your league in a very scarce category when he returns.
  8. Not really. It's Spring, plus it was a total of basically 9 IP. His last 2 outings were bad, but his first 3 were good. I'd be more concerned if he was still giving up HRs left and right, and his shaky command in his last 2 outings is unusual for him (even last season). Obviously I can't say there's 0 risk with him, but I'm still optimistic.
  9. Agreed. I see him getting closer to his 2019 season than his strange (for a lot of players) 2020. Plus, he's been running a lot in the spring, so he could be a pretty sneaky source of SBs at SS (or 2B on some sites).
  10. True, but given the fact that he bought into the spin rate stuff and all that this offseason to fix his fastball, I expect last season to end up being an outlier for his career. His FB gets fixed, then he gives up a lot less HRs because last season it was spinning the wrong way and going into the barrel, and his numbers should improve greatly. He only had a 1.22 WHIP last season, so it's obvious the FB and HRs were the biggest problems.
  11. They didn't trade for Bell to not give him every chance to play everyday. His struggles against LHP is real though, but playing time shouldn't be an issue.
  12. You're not wrong, but the team loves him because of his defense and his one great week a season he has at the plate. Still, it'd be shocking at this point if Newman wasn't the starting SS come Thursday.
  13. Ok, then I'll change it to had been between...
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