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  1. Mostert's the safer play -- sorry, that's a tough sitch, b'c I don't think he's a 25pt option... but you never know, the dude is explosive and can break off a 90 yard run at any time. I'm a 9ers fan - Mostert's definitely the 1A to Wilson's 1B ... the ultimate decider may be who happens to get the TD look, based on alternating reps - but you can't predict that. help w/ my [related] call?
  2. That's tough - none of those are great options... WSH has been a BEAST of late as a defensive unit, but Wilson/SEA can put up pts... depends how much your scoring penalizes pts.. I'd probably lean NE. nothing else better on the wire? help w/ mine?
  3. [why does PPR matter?] Baker - dude is fired up and finally clicking. GB DEF is somewhat tight against WRs. help w/ mine?
  4. I'd lean Kmet, w/ Graham looking iffy... sucks, would be good to confirm Graham is out. But even so, Kmet seems safer w/ some upside w/ a banged up Graham. help w/ mine?
  5. Moore Davis and Hansen for me -- I get the nerves w/ Moore, but I'm rolling him out there w/ confidence in mine... they're gunna be tossing it once they go down against GB.
  6. Title says it all - who do you favor? Thanks! WHIR in response
  7. Kupp and ... yes - Jefferson. [cooks back - gotta fade Coutee a lil] Help w/ mine?
  8. Lean Beasley - don't think CLE's going to have the same kinda shootout as last week... help w/ mine?
  9. your gut is clearly already telling you how to roll... Davis and be okay w/ it. help w/ mine?
  10. Following ...i was leaning Mostert, but struggling... on the fence. [have basically the exact same conflict -- everyone leans Beasley so far]
  11. hmm - following [struggling w/ same basic call - and everyone has said Beasley]
  12. I'd roll Thielen and Davis (I think he's a safe, stable floor for a lotta touches) help w/ mine?
  13. Sorry to split - but I gotta roll Davis. DET D sucks, and Davis is looking to be a solid safety target... help w/ mine?
  14. Eesh - that's a tough one. If you didn't have Chubb, starting Hunt over Wilson is a super easy call... I'm not sure how the math works out there, putting all your eggs in one basket. That said - NYG sucks quite a bit. Here's what i'd say - if you're the favorite, and just need a stable floor outta these 2 -- roll w/ both CLE guys... if you need upside and need the TDs to edge ahead, roll Chubb and Wilson and hold your breath. help w/ mine?
  15. Don't mess w/ Arnold, don't even consider it -- too risky. I like Irv as a decent, safe play -- w/ you already in the hole, you can't risk another zero -- and Engrams not going to give you a 20-25pt day even if he plays, so play it safe and hope your stars can make up the diff. one note - is Kmet available? It's looking like Jimmy G may sit; if so, Kmet could be a sneaky play [i'm holding Irv and Kmet, but if Graham's out, I'm rolling Kmet] help w/ mine?
  16. Definitely Aiyuk - dude could be in for huge game... as for K - really just a crap shoot, but go w/ Tucker - he's a beast as an actual kicker, safer. help w/ mine?
  17. No Wilson [mostert's back - he's a 1B at best] I'd lean Sanders -- Cole is a close 2nd for me, but he's more variable -- he gets 10-12 targets, then has one game where he gets 3. Sanders safer, but Cole prob slightly higher average score. help w/ mine?
  18. Hunt (2nd is McKissic for me - less of a timeshare - but still lean hunt) help w/ mine!
  19. Pick 1 for my full PPR flex! CEH Mostert Beasley Curtis Samuel Thanks! Whir 100%
  20. Galman/Gaskin clear 1/2 I actually like Woods - Goff just throws so much, and Woods has been his favorite target of late. Mostert worries me after last week, so I'd probably do Coutee as Flex.
  21. It's a close call - I'd probably lean Murray, but it's definitely not a top-5 situation. I watched his game this past week, and the first half I think he literally completed 2 passes (granted - one was a 30+yd TD, but he was like 2-9 or something, and looked very uncomfortable, wasn't running). Different D this week though, and his running game gives a little more floor than Brady in the redzone. Brady's just been a little too unpredictable (though i'm firing him up in week 15 after my bye in a sweet matchup)
  22. I'd probably ride w/ Wilson - he's top tier and more reliable. Sure not like he's the #1 QB like he was through 5-7 weeks, but still. Baker should be prime for a strong finish -- but I think still more risky, dude throws up duds. If you must - I'd drop Booker and one of your TEs. [not sure I'd trust the guy who doesn't know who the WR Davis is who put up 33 pts last week] help w/ mine?
  23. Scary Lockett Jones Godwin ... is the correct order. Help w/ mine?
  24. You're generally stronger at RB than WR -- so i hate to drop a Deebo for Akers -- b'c that's probably the lowest value player I'd drop if I were you. I suppose maybe Gaskin, as I'd probably like Akers more than him going forward... Help w/ mine?
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