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  1. Has CBS stopped adding new features? Whenever they opened for the year there would be a link of What's new on the website which seems to have disappeared the past 2 years or so
  2. I think the Met's injury thing needs to be changed to the Yankees
  3. As far as getting pitching. Keeping Gray, ditching Larry or getting Clevinger were the only good choices the Yankees could have made pitching wise outside of getting Cole. . But you can’t just stop at Cole, especially when Severino goes down. Happ being a clubhouse cancer, Paxton having issues coming back from back surgery. How do you stand pat and let Clevinger get away because you’re unwilling to trade a guy that has no spot with the team unless injuries occur, and Deivi who even with a great outing is still not assured a 2nd start. Teams that want to win aren’t afraid of making a trade like
  4. Clevinger was the guy to get and the fact that Cash could have had him from reports if he included Frazier and 1 of Garcia or Schmitt is inexcusable
  5. They have traded away Bauer,Kluber and Clevinger and the best they got was Reyes. That is Putrid
  6. What elite talent that makes no money and had multiple years left have they traded for. Pineda is the closest I can think of but he was never on the level of Clevinger
  7. They went for quantity over quality. Ask the Pirates how that worked out for them when they dealt Cole
  8. Total robbery. They gave up no elite talent whatsoever
  9. Unless they gave up someone else this is an absolute robbery
  10. Or they could just bring up another inferior pitcher to take his spot
  11. Normally I would agree but that's what happened last year and he got hurt during the playoffs
  12. What the hell do the Brewers have to do with the shooting other than playing in the same state?
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