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  1. i doubt he will do that. if thats the case i would do it asap.
  2. idk about paddack in a dynasty. for years now a 2 pitch pitcher. could see him go to the pen in the future. on the other hand rodon is noone you can count on long term. i would try to include a prospect you like in that trade.
  3. lux mckinstry chisholm lowrie
  4. whats wrong with devin williams? its because he was hurt?
  5. but i need a legal roster. so the offense would be wasted. and pitching is FAR more important anyways. good hitters are always available. btw. droped pom.
  6. so, 2 starts in. sometimes looked good, but no results. i guess maybe hold in a keeper but drop in redraft.
  7. hiura. he will start to hit at some point.
  8. lol. same here. tough home park too. and kikuchi is out there to grab....
  9. is he good? or its a hot streak? what is expected ROS?
  10. clase pitching the 9th with a 5 run lead.
  11. one open spot. points league. K=2, QS=5. keeper league. kikuchi, webb (giants), singer, rodon, canning, yarbrough, logan allen (5th spot indians). will be my SP8.
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