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  1. Exactly, No one is looking for the top 25 player- but we had to pay for a top 125 player this year. Anything better is gravy.
  2. Classic Sanchez box score. That said- I'll take that power juice all day for the C spot
  3. What's up with that "ace" in Milwaukee
  4. What is the long term position with Tatis at SS?
  5. Anyone else with thoughts? Draft is tonight.
  6. Castellanos, Mahle, Stanton Help
  7. Grish, Yaz, Happ, Soler, Kepler Help
  8. Realmuto alone has more value- crazy this guy wants JD this badly. I'd go Realmuto, Sixto, and Rosario Help?
  9. This is a 10 team h2h, we keep 8, OBP and QS instead of AVG, W. In the process of a slow draft. I have been offered Moncada and an 18th round selection for my Luzardo and 12th round. My team so far: Freeman, Lux, Glebyer, Lindor, Harper, Kelenic, Woodruff, Glasnow, Luzardo I tend to lean toward hitters, however, it also helps to compare what is left on the board at this point. For 3B, instead of Moncada, I could be looking at K. Hayes or Kris Bryant For SP, if I deal Luzardo, I'm likely looking at replacing him with Julio Urias or Lance McCullers With that co
  10. Preparing for my next pick in slow draft, Quality Start keeper league going dynasty. How would you rank these guys? Urias McCullers Bundy Plesac Lamet Hendricks
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