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  1. You sure about that runs point? He has a five run lead on Murphy. He scored four runs today so how did he not lead going into the day. I'm all for stats but at least get the facts right...
  2. What about 62 runs, 116 hits, 13 HR, 50 RBI, 18 SB, .417 OBP, .968 OPS? He only leads in hits you say for 2B? He leads in runs, hits, AVG., OBP. and OPS. Not too shabby... As for Springer keep it up! It's finally all clicking...
  3. Yeah leading the league in hitting at .347 sucks...
  4. He's 7-28, 25% from the field after two games. Stellar....
  5. That's why it's 162 games though and not 80-90...
  6. If he had a .345 or .375 OPS I think we'd all have dropped him by now... He's streaky. Another hot streak will be coming and he'll bring up that ".345" OPS in no time... When he hits a dinger today all the love will come back for him today. If he his two watch out...
  7. I dropped him yesterday and it felt so good. I encourage you to do it as well. The feeling is amazing....
  8. If he shoots 2-15 from the floor a few games in a row he'll be sitting on the bench next to his crazy father... Not a "great" debut at all....
  9. He sucks. So overrated and over hyped. He's not the next Magic. He'll be a decent player and have a good game here and there, but he will not be a great player. His dad has already ruined this kid and other NBA players are going to enjoy destroying him on a nightly basis. Oh and his shot is going to get devoured by the time he finally gets it off. So ugly...
  10. Will he be back in the rotation after the break?
  11. What happened to this guy? He's putrid now. Does anyone still have him on their roster? I've had enough myself, anyone else with me?
  12. So you started two right handed bats and leave the lefty on the bench???
  13. You must be in a great league if you're dropping him. Dude is a solid OF that offers power and speed. But hey drop away and let someone else reap the benefits...
  14. Pros - Strikeouts Cons - Wild as Jenna Jameson in bed
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