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  1. Stripling said on the PitchersList podcast that his next start is likely 75 pitches and after that, he's pretty much fully stretched out. He's also now going through his starter routine which is quite different from a reliever routine. I figure after tomorrow, he'll be good to go as a regular starter.
  2. Seems his cutter is what is being categorized as a slider here. Was trying to figure out why I didn't read he threw a cutter when that pitch is what he was attributing his resurgent AAA success to.
  3. On top of that, his FIP is 3.13. He's getting unlucky too.
  4. The power is there, he's just getting unlucky.
  5. This was expected. There are only so many days of Walker pulling 0fers before they give Cron a shot. I'm riding it out for a bit.
  6. To be fair, Glasnow downplayed it too and now he's on the 60 day IL. Weaver is likely out for awhile.
  7. Don't think the usage is the reason he has no feel for his slider or cutter. Still, I wouldn't have let him go 120 pitches with that control.
  8. I watched the game. Ump squeezed on some low pitches which Bassitt has gotten for strikes previously and that put him behind the count but he was also pretty far off. Bauer generally wasn't close. He has zero control over his slider/cutter at the moment and couldn't throw them for strikes.
  9. Brutal owning Bauer and Bassitt in a k/bb league.
  10. That's my attitude. Law of averages and all that...
  11. Soroka's definitely due for some regression but I watched him pitch last night and every pitch he throws has ridiculous movement on it, especially the sinker. Just a hard pitcher to barrel against (he's only giving up 22% FBs and historically, his HR/FB is quite low). He does need to throw more strikes with his slider though if he wants to increase the K rate and decrease the BB rate. Awesome to watch though.
  12. It turned out to be a mistake but it was a 95 mph fastball up and in. Sandoval just turned on it. Not many others probably would.
  13. Helps that he's super fast. Gets a fair amount of infield hits on those low contact hits.
  14. Yea, he's getting rocked by LH batters. They need to call a better game.
  15. Anyone remember if Stripling started off with a velocity dip? 2 mph off his fastball is a little worrying.
  16. Yahoo puts the X there if one line up has been posted and the other hasn't yet. It updates once Pit's line up gets added to the box score.
  17. Anyone know what his velocity was like during his start on Tuesday?
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