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  1. Dang I remember when all you AB fanboys gave me so much trash for saying this. But outside of Travis Fulgham every other name out produced AB on a per game basis and especially in overall points as AB still took another week to finally suit up. This is including ABs most recent performance which was his best game of the season. [...]
  2. I'd ride with Larry as you stated going to be a shootout.
  3. Yeah I too like Mooney and while he may have more home run ability I'd go with John Brown just due to that much safer floor.
  4. Montgomery is out. Start Patterson but know Lamar Miller is active. WHIR
  5. Noah Fant @ LV or Eric Ebron vs CIN. LV is the 10th least points given up to TEs. CIN gives up 2nd most points to TE. Whir
  6. They just shut their facility down due to a potential covid outbreak. They are still expected to play Houston this week.
  7. No ... It is exactly true. Yes they trade players for draft picks and constantly develop free agents that net them compensation picks in return but that doesn't take away from the fact that they constantly are picking at the end of each round.
  8. Can't wait for the Miles Sanders show down the stretch and into the fantasy playoffs.
  9. The Patriots constantly pick at the back end of the draft... that obviously will eventually catch up to an organization. Hence the rebuild being over due.
  10. For sure. Plus there's 0 reason to rush Edelman. So don't be surprised when he misses a few more weeks yet anyway. They may as well keep developing the future. The Patriots have been overdue for a rebuild. You can only keep competing in The NFL with one of the last picks in the draft for so long.
  11. You make my point of how you claim so many of the names are owned in 5% or less leagues. Yet you list multiple names owned in over 50% of leagues. Honestly outside of Corey Davis and Allen Lazard I'd much rather have Jakobi over every other name you listed just based on a talent and upside perspective. Yes there are valid concerns. Run first team, Cam's play has been suspect and hes a TD vulture with how good of a goal line asset he is. Yes the schedule isn't favorable. But again it isnt as bad as most are trying to say. LAR & BAL are the two games I worry about. Otherwi
  12. Really? You'd rather own the #2, #3, and #4 WR of KC over NE's clear #1 WR?? Seattle's #3 over NE's #1? If you are truly trying to lump Corey Davis into this conversation you either don't understand fantasy football or are purposefully making a disingenuous argument. Meyers has averaged 10 targets a game over his last 3 games. I see people bringing up the upcoming schedule. Yeah The Bills are one of the teams he already had 10 targets against. Houston gives up the 26th most points to WRs. Miami the 22nd most points. Arizona is 20th. These are favor
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