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  1. He has outplayed len and Rojo combined in every game he has suited up with the Wizards despite an equal time share. Brooks is a nightmare HC but he has to play this guy over the other two and see what they have in him.
  2. Chuma, why do your hurt me so. I played you over Poku, McDaniel and A Gordon tonight and this is how you reward me? To the back of the line you go....killin me bro!
  3. When you check the box score and regret that you played Chuma Okeke over Poku (and McDaniel). Forgive me for I know not what I have done....
  4. Love the dudes game but I feel like he is always in foul trouble....
  5. Mason Plumlee sitting tomorrow for rest. Nice way to start the week!
  6. I am unsure what I am missing. In his third game he took 13 shots and scored 14 points with 1 3, 6 reb, 6 ast, 3 stls and 2 blocks....people want to cut him?
  7. He will be the staring center moving forward. He brings an unselfish game with him. He is relaxed as he does not have to shoulder any real load. He may not be Portland Aldridge many nights but he will be improved over the beginning of the season.
  8. He is low risk for a team that needs a big. Golden State and Boston would be best fit IMO. He is still better than Looney and Paschall in GS and better than Kornet and Wagner in Boston. There is going to be a team that can use him for 20 minutes.
  9. He has better stats than Len and Rolo combined at the half. Cmon Brooks, release him. He is the best 5 on the team....
  10. Celtics showing interest post Drummond choosing Lakers. If he were to sign in beantown is there a path to 25 minutes?
  11. Oh well, he’s cut bait now. There will be a two week “ramp up” a la Griffin and he will get at most 20 min once he suits up....was hoping for Miami....
  12. His game of the year and he was on my bench...😳 have to play him tomorrow....hope this is a jumping off point for a nice run....
  13. Is this guy still thinking he is on the All Star break?
  14. I’d rather have Hamidou Diallo after the trade then this guy....what good is the sweet game count when you are not very good....
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