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  1. Hopefully the start of nice run. Unfortunately he was on my bench tonight but he has all the tools if he can just get some consistency.
  2. Appears he is protesting the riots at the capital, the lack of police response and Breonna Taylor. Wish he would just go all in and say he will sit the year and forfeit his salary so I could cut bait. I find what happened last week deplorable but I am not in a position financially to sit out from my work.
  3. Biggest regret was drafting him. One of those he fell this far I have to right??? Now I can’t even trade him. Thought for sure he would be back when KD was.
  4. The upside is huge, hope this is the start of a bigger role. Started Holmes over him tonight too...oh well....
  5. Woj reporting he is the one who tested positive....
  6. I want to see the train come of the tracks when he starts complaining....why even pay the man though...SMH
  7. Just keep earning more minutes every time out, he is the future and that will come sooner rather than later.
  8. Maybe not but I would ask what did Baynes and Len do? The guy has earned a shot.
  9. Gets in, 3 min 2 fouls. I fear he will only blow up when on my bench....
  10. I can’t. I decided to play him over whiteside because of the last game and whitesides lack of minutes. Guess Boucher will be lucky to play at all’s. Way to reward a guy who scored 22 with 7 blocks to bench him. SMH.
  11. Please just be a cramp Diontae...need you next week....
  12. Big Ben has not thrown one good pass so far...wonder if Tomlin will bench him...players need to make routine plays right???
  13. Diontae needs to have a night to show he can catch the ball. Ben throws two awful balls his way early...not his fault...come on Big Ben...how bout a little accuracy...
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