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  1. Not as of yet. Seattle has been stringing us along for almost a month now with this guy. I guess it was the worst bruise in history.
  2. So the two day experiment yielded 1-8 with three K’s. I fully expect four AB’s next week, and a return to the minors once their season starts up. Dude should have never been brought up to the bigs. His ab vs Clase today was like a little leaguer trying to hit up there.
  3. The writers at Rotoworld seem to think Montero is still guy to own.
  4. I want a retraction from every analyst who pumped this loser up THIS YEAR. He may be good a couple of years from now, but as far as ‘21 goes, he will be a zero. He’s played in 5/11 games, and gets pulled in the 6 inning for defense. How many games would he have played with a healthy Eloy? 2? He’s played very few games relatively speaking in the minors, and he’s already a 21 year old DH. How did virtually every tout get this one so horribly wrong?
  5. He’s still young(25, almost 26). Playing in that park. He’s a decent cheap player in my AL only league.
  6. All of a sudden 20 HR is looking kinda bleak. With the way the game is now a hitters paradise, who would have thought this guy can’t swing with the big boys? Completely lost at the plate since April.
  7. He’s pretty much pitched bad this entire season for someone of his draft status. Started opening day getting hammered by the Astros, and hasn’t really slowed down since.
  8. Exactly. I’m wondering if he will even make it to 20 HR this year.
  9. The writers at Rotoworld have zero use for this guy and his potential. He’s only 25. Every blurb is a slam. I bought him cheap in my 12 team AL only league. Here’s to hoping that something is indeed there. Who knows???
  10. Well, it backfired. Already cost Snell the win, and most likely the team a win as well.
  11. Seriously. Snell gets pulled after 82 pitches.
  12. I might be wrong, but I’m fairly certain Mariano Rivera or Billy Wagner never got brought in the 7th inning.
  13. Looks like the Red Sox are giving Braiser every opportunity to win the closers role. Tonight however, didn’t help his cause. Every blown opportunity for them just makes it more clearer Kimbrel will be back by June.
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