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  1. I mostly interested in thoughts on Hilliard and if he is going to be in the lineup to start. Rank in a points league Kyle Tucker Kyle Lewis Sam Hilliard
  2. Doesn't compare to Baby Shark One of the Rockies (I think Tulo?) would use Baby by Justin Bieber
  3. Anyone got a link for all the crazy coincidences for the Tyler Skaggs tribute night no hitter? This is what Ive heard and remember(not 100% positive they are all true) , but think there was more: Angel's scored 7 runs in the first and ended with 13 - which is Skaggs birthday The last combined Angel's no hitter was the day Skaggs was born Trouts HR was 454 ft - which is 45 forward and backward
  4. I had my fingers crossed for a reverse curse for Vlad Jr
  5. I don't know how to post gifs - this thread needs Angel's in the Outfield gifs or memes ASAP
  6. Angels in the Outfield right now - RIP
  7. I have more faith in Paxton than the majority of pitchers. The 'good' pitchers are relative to the WHOLE of the position. All-star break should hopefully work wonders for many pitchers in THEORY too. YOUR expectations are many a fantasy players biggest weakness. I mean - LIST the pitchers that haven't been blown up at some point this year?? I drafted
  8. The main league I've played for YEARS is a weekly lock league..... I sometimes wonder what daily leagues do to some people's heads. Riley is a young hitter and is going to have cold spells. I had Bellinger his first year, and picked up his 2nd after his struggles. For most people complaining - it's YOUR expectations that are the real problem. Age, experience, health are all variables in the ODDS. And that's all you can do in this game. Improve your odds of winning
  9. Morton How about Minor? Don't own him, but he keeps pumping out quality doesn't he?
  10. I made the speculative pickup. Chatwood gets blown up and Alzolay is stellar - it wouldn't be hard for Chatwood to get the long relief role and Alzolay the starter I would think. It's a lottery grab, but the upside is fantastic considering the team he'd be pitching for
  11. Wow - JD and Chavis doing me wonders tonight! 1/15 with 9 Ks!!!
  12. I simply paid a 4th round price tag because I remember owning Bryce when he came up against Hamels. If Harper had only lived up to that moment in his career thus far, it was a legendary start - and I ONLY saw it live because I owned Harper that year. I've even enjoyed watching Vlad as he struggled - sometimes the added value of a hyped younger players journey adds nonsensical value to the pick in fantasy. Kind of like overvaluing a home/favorite player pick
  13. All I really have to add to this conversation is - as the Cubs definitive closer - Kimbrel is a top tier RP until he proves otherwise. Very, very short leash on that assessment - but NL, proven history, rested, winning team - that's enough for me for now
  14. I'm more curious about Glasnows potential after this injury and how possible it is he's out beyond July 10th. [...]
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