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  1. you helped me on mine and i appreciate that. gonna pick up Marvin Jones and drop Chiefs...thanks! never played a 2 QB league but from what i understand QB's are at a premium. This one is VERY close but i think i hold off on this trade. Here is why: 1. Stafford is a startable QB in what i think will be a top throwing offense all year. Eli is basically un-rostered, at least in my league. Fact that you have to start 2 QB's makes this more glaring, imho. 2. Amari is a top tier WR on an offense that is also going to be insanely good. he is a set it and forget it WR. What i saw from how the Panthers are playing this year scares me. Literally everything goes thru Fournette. At least until i see some commitment to using other guys, i would not be buying into a big WR in their offense. I see a down year for Kelvin. 3. Bell vs Hyde. This one is a no-brainer and yeah Bell is sick (except for last game). But Hyde is also a sick RB on a team where he has no competition. I don't think the upside of Bell makes points 1 and 2 null and void. If it were my team i'd hate to do it, but i'd reject the trade. I like your team better
  2. wondering if any of these names are upgrades that i should put in secondary waivers for? Eric Decker WR (one bad game doesn't negate his value....80% owned) Marvin Jones WR (surprised to see this guy available....68% owned #2 WR on a pass-happy team with a good offense) Robby Anderson WR (was hyped as the #1 and now after 1 bad game he seems to be forgotten by "experts". Kearse is not THAT good to negate all Robby's value) team in sig. tempted to drop KC Def for one of these guys. I am sold on JAX Def all year. WHIR as always...thanks!
  3. Curious who you would drop. I am tempted to drop: Cole Beasley Robby Anderson after that...other drops might be... D'Onta Foreman (but i like him as handcuff for Howard) my 2nd def (Chiefs OR Jax) RB's avail: Javorius Allen (BAL) Kamara (NO) Cohen CHI (still try to get him if i am the Howard owner?) Carson (SEA) Gio Bernard WR's avail Agholor Hurns Kearse (as Anderson owner, is Anderson droppable now? Or was that a fluke game where #1 WR had a bad game? is anyone still hanging onto this Anderson?) R. Woods Team in signature....THANKS!
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