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  1. Hydrochloroquine and Z pack are going to work. The media will do it's best to poo poo it until the election.
  2. Easy pickens late in drafts to stash on the IR. Criminal he's basically going for free but thanks anyway Yahoo
  3. Are people who have recovered from the virus allowed to talk? I never hear from those people. Only people testing positive and elderly passing away with underlying conditions. I want more success stories. In the mean time while toilet paper is out i’ll be in the wet wipes isle. Clearly underrated during these times.
  4. Always during an election year. When the market crashes from the hysteria and puts us into a recession the other side will have there talking points on how they will save us from Trump and the virus. If Biden gets elected CoronaVirus becomes just the Flu or the common cold. My damn lysol bottle says kills Coronavirus that’s a year ago but supposedly it’s some new all world end of days virus. Maybe they meant COVID 1-18 but what do i know. I’m going to Disney once they throw a sale and getting on all the rides no wait while you goons buy up all the toilet paper.
  5. Will return a lot of value pitching in the NL and away from Fenway.
  6. Buy all across the board. He’s for real
  7. Watching his spring stats closely. He sucked last year and carried it seamless into the season. The year before he tore cover off ball in spring.
  8. I'm in the same boat buddy. My stock shares have taken a massive beating 😭. Hope this Virus thing blows over quickly like the countless others in the past that just so happen to blow up during election years.
  9. I'm with you here. He's going to feast in AL small parks.
  10. Injuries are the only concern here. Has all the talent in the world to anchor any fantasy team. Not sure i'll be drafting as high as some this year even though I absolutely love this kids talent. SS is super deep this year and i'll be hard pressed not to take mainstays like Lindor or Story over him.
  11. This kid has the goods to be a true ace. Drafting wherever i can
  12. Verlander can still pump upper 90's heat. Kluber is a finesse pitcher with very little life on the fastball these days. He has very limited margin for error with his secondary pitches. I actually like Lance Lynn a lot more then I do Kluber.
  13. Thank you Barkley for coming through when it mattered the most. [...]
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