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  1. Maybe intentionally loading the bases to face him wasn't a great strategy.
  2. Owners in QS leagues are going to have a rough season.
  3. It would be great if Clase could just start striking people out so he wouldn't have to deal with his team's defense.
  4. I want to say we all use fangraphs a LOT. It's been one of the major sources this forum references, and has been for years. And it's all been for free. Throwing a couple bucks at them in their time of need is the least we can do. The fantasy baseball community will be a lot worse off if they're not around. On the Merryweather front, I'm not convinced he'll get the job back. It wasn't clear he ever had the job all to himself, so this isn't like Chapman or some proven guy coming back and getting their job. Toronto was also concerned about his ability to go back to back games, and this injur
  5. Montas finally got things going tonight and unleashed his potential.
  6. Which baseball god did deGrom piss off? The Mets have had 7 games postponed this season. We're only halfway through the first month.
  7. This is where this thread concept kind of falls apart. The general idea of buy/sell depends entirely how the player is perceived. I've had player x valued way too cheap in one league, and way too high in another. All depends on the owners. I agree Castellanos is more valuable than Haniger. But heck, maybe the season will end with us looking back and realizing how wrong we were!
  8. I agree he's probably not going to maintain that pace, but I'll note a player's value isn't always equal to what they're on pace for. Another example is Laureano. He's on pace for something like 140 stolen bases. But nobody is valuing him like he's actually going to steal that many.
  9. It is if you think his future value is going to be greater than his current value.
  10. It's time for the annual buy high, sell low and buy low, sell high thread! A couple things - buying low/selling high doesn't mean offering garbage or some hot start, possible flash in the pan guy. You can't offer Akil Baddoo for Marcell Ozuna and think 'Yeah, this is totally fair' because Akil is batting over 300 with 4 homers while Ozuna is under the Mendoza line with 1. That's a good way to ensure nobody will ever want to make a trade with you. What you can do it move up a round or so. You can maybe move your fourth or fifth round piece plus something for someone's third round pick. Mig
  11. No. That seems to be the plan, but if Reyes rocks out in the role I could easily see them keeping with the status quo. Wouldn't be the first time a former starter became a closer and just stuck in the role.
  12. Dodgers have the best record in baseball right now. This really sucks for any of us who have a Dodgers hitter, but it's probably a really smart real life move. 162 games is a long season. They've got some incredible depth so they should use it to keep everyone healthy and performing at an optimal level. I know it's still early but I'm really considering selling (somewhat) low on any LA hitters I've got.
  13. Clase was regularly throwing 100 or 101. His offspeed stuff was sitting low 90's. Gave up an unearned run with some help from questionable defense, but closed things out.
  14. Will Smith had pitched in 4/5 last 5 days. Maybe they shouldn't have gone with Minter, but their closer needed a break badly. It's a long season and he can't pitch every game. Somebody else needs to be able to carry the load once in awhile.
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