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  1. We all bout to get A Whole Lotta Money when this dude takes us to the ship
  2. looked like a pretty significant limp to me
  3. AB will be wearing #81..... I seem to recall Brady having a pretty good year in 2007 throwing to a guy wearing #81....
  4. I’d go with my big guns DJ & Drake. As for TE the matchup says Hock
  5. No kidding fantasy football is literally all about luck in every which way lol!!!!!!
  6. he is still available in 65% of Yahoo leagues
  7. Schefter ain’t putting his neck on the line for AB to drum up some hype.
  8. Exactly, shanny is going to ride the hot hand. No one can predict thus backfield
  9. who knows man this backfield is a nightmare to figure out. As a Mostert & McKinnon owner I have no clue. McKinnon, Hasty, Coleman, and Wilson are all possible....flip a coin
  10. This isn’t new for him either he had a solid end to 2018 when given an opportunity
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