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  1. Soler needs more ownership. He's raking.
  2. Team in sig. Offered Seager and Schwarber for Stanton. My mind's telling me no, but my body, my bodyyyy's telling me yeahhh.
  3. Could see him as a RB2 against the Titans next week however.
  4. Flex* I realized after I hit entered I messed up. Flex for sure.
  5. I dropped him because I've sipping a little too much of that Doctson Koolaide. For what it's worth, he did drop the ball when he got his dick knocked off going out of bounds the play after Flacco was murdered. He looked explosive all game but I'd still be hesitant throwing him in my line up. RB2 going forward.
  6. Traded Jimmy Graham for Amari Cooper last Thursday before Cooper blew up. Owner was down on Amari and had a crappy TE.
  7. 3 WR league + FLEX PPR. Looking to give Hogan and Ajayi for Dez and Russell Wilson. I have Mariota on bye and need another WR for week 9. I have Zeke, Kamara, Martin, Jones, Collins, Darkwa, and Henry at RB. AB, Cooper, Fuller, and Keenan Allen at WR. Opposing GM has Dak, Russell, and Cam. Howard, White, Allen, Peterson, and Lewis at RB. Dez, Funchess, Algholor, and Fowler at WR. Might be giving up too light on my end, but could address each others needs.
  8. Man, what a game last night. #riprocktober October 2017 - October 2017
  9. Cano, Cespedes, Paxton, Maeda, Story, Cahill, and Freeman all to the DL on my one team. Thames is DTD. Schwarber, Bautista, and EE have been pretty irrelevant. Chris Cornell dies after I saw Soundgarden live 11 days ago. It just isn't my year..
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