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  1. Had I played any other bench player but Russell Wilson... the only QBs who performed worst were Cam, Lock and McCoy. I'm done if there's no magic stat correction .
  2. Oh crap Lamar is back. For the love of God don’t let them covert this 4th down Cleveland. Damn it and there goes my season lol
  3. Not expecting much from Robinson with Jalen shadowing him.
  4. Kramer. Yes I’m old asf. And lmao at the shade being thrown at Nagy by going for on 4th down from their on RZ.
  5. Patterson with another carry. Nagy can’t help himself. Hate this guy so much.
  6. Tanking for Trevor! Unfortunately we are 3 wins too late 😑
  7. Yeah I had the same feeling but figured I could ride out the storm by flexing both TEs until week 5 (short week with TNF next week). Thanks for the input.
  8. I would not feel comfortable giving away my best TE and WR for a boom or bust WR and a talented TE mired to a suspect QB play with a lot of mouths to feed at WR. Any chance you can angle for 1 of those RBs of his?
  9. Montgomery (Colts are #1 against the pass) and Gordon. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/826458-cook-for-robinsongodwin/
  10. 12 team, .5 ppr (double flex) league. I was presented Robinson and Godwin for Cook QB: Wilson RB: Cook, Ingram, AP, Mattison, Freeman WR: Lockett, MJones, DJax, Crowder TE: Kelce, Waller Thoughts? I'm leaning yes.
  11. Colinsworth can STFU with the QB comparison. You can swap the WRs and Mitch would still be inaccurate.
  12. What could have been had Barkley gave me and other owners maybe 20% more than what we got in the early parts of the year. Finished 3rd but bitter sweet.
  13. Tate in injury tent. Took a big hit during punt return.
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