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  1. No. Aaron Jones did enough for the Packers not to resign him... he hired Drew Rosenhaus. Packers fan (and shareholder) here. I would be SHOCKED if they resigned Aaron Jones. And it's a shame, because I love Jones. But he'll looked to be paid like one of the top RBs in the league, and we simply can't afford that. You can't make everyone in your roster one of the highest paid at their position. We already paid Rodgers, Bak, and the Smiths top dollar. Linsley, Jones and Williams have contracts that expire this season. Jaire and Davante both have contracts that expire afte
  2. Patrick... ride the hot streak, but tough call. Brady... great matchup and can't trust Hurts.
  3. PPR league, but there are bonuses for (1) unconventional TD for each position (ex., a QB running for a TD, or RB's receiving TD) - double points for those, and (2) long TDs. Choose one QB: Rodgers v. Car Murray v. Philly Choose 3 RBs: Cook v. Chi Davis v. GB Robinson v. Balt Montgomery v. Minn Choose 3 WRs: Lockett v. Wash Davis v. Det Robinson v. Minn Woods v. NYG Boyd v. Pitt Coutee v. Indy
  4. Close call. I'll say Brown too. Trending in right direction.
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