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  1. Ah stats. Serious question. Did you watch this game? If you did you would realize that nobody was going to put up big stats with the game plan they had. Tua didn’t throw past 10 years once. Flores doesn’t care about stats. He cares about wins. He knew the best chance was to minimize risk on offense and rely on his defense. The argument that the supporting cast not mattering falls apart when you realize that there have been games (3 of them) where Tua has put up stats when he is asked to throw downfield, and has had competent receivers to throw to. You should also realize that more than half of
  2. I believe the only game where Tua had Parker, Williams, and Gesecki all healthy he played very well vs. Arizona. They have really dialed back the playbook since the injuries started piling up. And both times they pulled Tua, they opened up the playbook for Fitz.
  3. Fire Flores? Lol, no. He’s one of the best coaches in the league. Gets every ounce out his team. Miami has a TON of draft capital. They need to play Tua and decide whether or not to go forward with him. Hard to gauge Tua, especially lately, with the injuries they’ve had to their skill positions and the fact that they are asking him to not lose the game by turning the ball over. Which he’s basically done. Miami has the worst group of wide receivers in the league right now and it’s not really close. Amazing that they’ve won 10 games.
  4. I agree, love his ceiling today. I can see him lining up at receiver and running a ton of routes today.
  5. Not me. I’m a Dolphin fan who has Jacobs and who faced Kamara, so I’m pretty happy.
  6. I may roll the dice here [...] if Allen and Williams both sit. Seems like he’d be a lock for a good amount of targets.
  7. Definitely a big dart throw. So cheap in daily. I’m tempted to roll the dice.
  8. Anyone taking a flyer today with Smith out? The Browns are pretty bad vs. TE’s.
  9. I'm taking the plunge. I'm desperate this week between injuries, byes, and covid. Should see 6 or 7 targets at a minimum, with a good chance at some garbage time.
  10. We have a rule in our long standing league where if you pick up a player and drop him before his team plays a game, he is a free agent and isn’t suspect to the waiver process.
  11. Agreed. Would love to see it become a staple going forward. Might be the only good thing to come out of this whole mess.
  12. Better lottery ticket, Vaughn or McFarland?
  13. No, unless I bench Kamara. I already started Gordon.
  14. I’m probably benching him for Robinson, but this is my toughest decision so far this season. This dude is gonna dismantle the Giants defense.
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