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  1. What are your thoughts on Cueto tonight at home vs the Rockies? Championship week!!
  2. Let me add this question. Do you think Mandrigal is a top 10 2b in the next 5 years. Good contact and speed, he could be good on top of that line up.
  3. Do U think he will bounce back and be a top 25 SP for the next several years? have an offer in a dynasty league. Offered Frankie straight up for 2b Madrigal. I have Lowe and a little short on pitchers 16 team league 30 man roster and carry over. thx
  4. Odor vs Tanaka or Cabrera vs Syndergaard? What do you think?
  5. I'm only comparing Madea and Estrada. Roark is already in my line-up
  6. I see that. But would he be a worse play than Estrada tomorrow vs Yankees?
  7. I have Roark. It's a 5 pitcher per week league. My 4 are set. It's really Maeda vs Estrada choice right now.
  8. Hey fellas, looking for options please. Regardless of format, is Maeda a good play today at the Phillies? Career 3-0 but his record on the road is 4-5 5.79 era opposed to home where he is 8-1 2.79. My only other option is Estrada tomorrow vs a hot Yankee line-up. I'm in a very close championship game and it could boil down to this decision. Thanks!
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