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  1. So he's the defacto #1 and a definite TE/Flex play, right?!
  2. Well he may be on his 4th QB this year....Haskins is doesn't have his head on right. Just keeps pissing away his chances. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/12/22/dwayne-haskins-apologizes-for-strip-club-covid-19-breach/
  3. Appreciate the update. Haven't got a chance to get to the TV yet.
  4. Have the passes to Dionte even been catchable?! Hoping he's corrected his drops.
  5. Funny game for Eckler too....Herbert really.didnt look to.him much in the passing game. Plus I hate seeing Ballage in there stinking up the joint with his under a yard per carry. Barf!!!!
  6. I think Alex Smith should be VERY streamable this week. He's getting better and the fact that hes out there is pretty awesome. His confidence is building and when you got a special player like Scary Terry to throw to, good things should happen. Definitely a Top 15 start with a sneaky ability to enter TOP 10 QB performance this week.
  7. Im from Chicago....and its really hard to tell with this coaching staff. They love Cordarrelle Patterson so he could get some run, he is also listed as a WR/RB in most fantasy leagues so theres that....they also have Lamar Miller on the practice squad that they could call up. The last 2 weeks they have said hes ready. In the end, if Montgomery is out, I dont see much value as our offensive line is awful and Im sure there would be some form of a committee.
  8. Agreed...would have liked Herbert to have just taken it himself.
  9. Yikes....Chargers. Herbert could have had like 4 tds today...what a let down.
  10. Looks like Robinson is playing. Still potentally worthy of a roster spot...but offense runs through Robinson and *cough* Jimmy Graham.
  11. Yeah, he's almost 3rd/4th in the pecking order...but with McCaffrey out this week again and it seems like they are starting to use him more, I have a gut feeling he's gonna have a good game today....im definitely monitoring the weather though tonight in Carolina!
  12. Anyone think this is a good week to play Samuel. Looks like he's getting involved more and the matchup is right. If McCaffrey comes back this week, he may not be as good of a play, but against Atlanta, we could be looking at a high scoring game. It is the dreading Thursday night football game though.
  13. Im shocked they arent using him more. I feel like his usage has to go up at some point. Maybe TJ Hockensen is taking those looks that Jones used to get.
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