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  1. Jose De Leon's line looked interesting. Wild but 9 k's in 4.1?
  2. I'm not a Rays fan but seeing him pitch made me happy, in a real baseball way.
  3. What happened to this guy? It's getting hard to justify a major league team using a roster spot for him, forget about a fantasy spot.
  4. The first time I ever owned him. Now I'm reminded why I never made this journey before.
  5. In a deep league, 16 team (5 SP, 3 RP) and need SP. How does some of this work out? Gray will be back in the rotation and someone is out of it. Does Antone stay in the pen? Lorenzen when he comes back? Mainly asking about De Leon. Any chance at all he breaks through.
  6. Two night ago I IL'd a player and went back and forth between Kiermaier and Alex Reyes off waivers. I went with Kiermaier.
  7. I'm this desperate for an OF from the wire (very deep league I'm in) They should give him a few months to sink or swim, at least
  8. Now that we're close to the season, do some of you anticipate he'll be pretty much full time in the OF or platoon?
  9. With the championship this season, I accomplished the Three-Peat! Asterisk not allowed, I'm counting it!
  10. In a deep league where category is S+H (save=1, hold =0.5) so right now for looking at Bummer, Hudson, and Burdi. Any preference among my fantasy people? Or, is there someone glaring I should go with?
  11. I'm concerned about his outlook just because the Padres traded him for seemingly a lower grade prospect.
  12. Which for the rest of this season only for a U spot ? OBP, R, HR, RBI, SB (have to activate an IL guy tomorrow)
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