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  1. What are you even basing this on? Is it purely an injury thing? He's played 27 games this year, exactly a sixth of a season. In a full 162 games, he's currently on pace for 54 home runs and 12 stolen bases. Will the home run pace go down? Probably. But the stolen bases will also significantly go up. He's also walking at a career high ~18% clip while the strike out rate has dropped back down to his career average after a bad start.
  2. Yeah, they scored 9 runs in that inning and he went 40 minutes without pitching. Really no need to risk anything after a 40 minute break when youre up 12
  3. Would've had 4 hits and 0 ER if he didn't have the worst LF in baseball trying to catch easy fly balls that resulted in two doubles.
  4. Guy's gonna be a hell of a pitcher if he can keep his weight under control, but I can't see him being too valuable this year. It's gonna take him a couple starts to get acclimated to the majors like in AAA and AA. He's also gonna be on a strict innings limit. He's already pitched over 50 innings more than his career high, and there were multiple starts in both AA and AAA where they pulled him before he even reached the five inning mark with a low pitch count. Then again, who knows, maybe they'll let him go out there and throw seven innings.
  5. Three more hits. Hitting .355 with a 1.035 OPS.
  6. He's already starting to get too big for SS. Imagine him in five years.
  7. Only had one hit today, a triple. Clearly starting to slump, might be time to sell high.
  8. Two more hits, a walk, and a stolen base.
  9. The future is him at 2B and Swanson at SS. And Acuna at RF. Inciarte at CF. Maybe Pache. Maitan at 3B. Freeman at 1B. And a rotation of Soroka, Allard, Anderson, Gohara, Tuissant. And Minter at closer. And some of the thousands of good SP prospects in the bullpen.
  10. Acuna's fifth AB is a groundout but apparently it was a horrible call and he easily beat the throw.
  11. That triple slash is about to go way up. 4 for 4 with a HR so far.
  12. And that's with a really bad two month start to 2016.
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