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  1. He honestly wouldn't be in the top 5 international talents I'd be interested in during the 2021 period for dynasty purposes.
  2. Had a 40 point lead and Diggs has the best game of his career. I don't even know what to say.
  3. I'm fully on board the Ronnier Quintero train. Cubs rave about the bat and were so confident in his hitting they had him focus exclusively on defense this year. He has gotten some Gary Sanchez comps.
  4. It's not the Cubs being cheap, they know theyneed to rebuild and he's the piece that gets them the best young assets besides maybe Hendrcks. Schwarber, on the other hand, was them being cheap.
  5. All the guys who carried me all year laid eggs. Henry puts up a dud, Tyreek isn't on the field half the game, Kyler doesn't run or pass for TD and Robinson was out. I also started Goedert over Gronk. Cooks and Wilson are the only reason I have any shot at all.
  6. I guess it was my fault for getting sucked in again after last week despite multiple duds before that. A really disappointing performance yesterday.
  7. It's a terrible situation, but you have to play him unless you're completely stacked at WR. I'm just hoping for an early TD because I don't know if we'll see him in the 2nd half.
  8. Of course, Drake gets last TD so I get nothing from Kyler and Wilson gets vultured so I get nothing there too.
  9. Kyler needs to show up in this 2nd half or it's probably time to polish my runner up trophy.
  10. Wilson, Pollard carries the upside but the risk that Zeke plays is too great.
  11. Yup, thank god for that TD or this would have been a complete disaster.
  12. Genius marketing ploy by the NFL, making it so 90% of fans can't even watch the game.
  13. Gabbert is seriously going to end up a top 10 QB this week.
  14. Wilson Is the safe play and I'm not sure his ceiling for the game is much different than your other options. Help me out
  15. Fournette really isn't getting another carry is he?
  16. Wilson feels most likely to get bulk carries. If Gibson is out i have mckissic #2.
  17. I need to make a decision for my flex and all of them come with significant question marks this week. James Robinson against the Bears Antonio Gibson against Carolina Myles Gaskin against LV Jeff Wilson against Arizona
  18. I would consider it too, but Gibson and Gaskin come with questions of their own.
  19. Detroit doesn't even call a timeout. Could this team care any less about this game?
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