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  1. We need to keep our our RW Forum Closer depth chart... these "analysts " have no more insight than this forum! Everyone had Archie Bradley as the closer on their depth chart.. at least the majority of site.. WRONG!
  2. White has played about 23% of the season though.. toe injury . safety protocols.. if you are going to judge his ROS projections based of a choppy 17 games played so far you are missing the boat... i think you are better off looking at his body of work last year when he played consistently.. there is a reason why he got a monster contract.. this one will age well in about a month.. lol
  3. WCJ? I feel that we know who he is... he had plenty of opportunity in Chicago.. he just isnt that good...
  4. What are our rankings of biggest winner so far from the trade deadline? 1.) Time Lord 2.)?? Gafford ( starting center most likely for Wizards? 3.) ??
  5. i think everyone is dead wrong here.. they traded for Norm at the deadline during the playoff hunt because he adds moral support from the bench and in the locker room...
  6. they didn't trade for Norm to have a passive role.. he plays defense as well.. he's gong to get 28-30 minutes night period.. but of course there will be an adjustment period
  7. Just look at Norm's numbers as a 6 man last year for TOR.. going to be very similar and top 50ish... of course he isnt going to be getting the shots he got over the last month or so.. but he will still be very valuable.. last month of so was found money with Norm with all the protocols and injuries in TOR.
  8. I have a feeling Will The Thrill goes back to a 6 man role .. which he has excelled in before as a primary scorer when he is on the court.. i feel either way he get his minutes and usage may even increase a bit as a 6 man..
  9. brooks has no choice! Len is a lame duck.. RoLo is a back up.. they got Gafford for a reason! He's a defensive presence.. all aboard!
  10. hes just not a starting PG in the NBA.. you need to score these days as a starting PG.. ala why Lonzo is always on the trade block ..uggh... those rips and dimes though were so nice! who is the PG now in Detroit to target??
  11. now what?!?! 1 minute and out of the game??
  12. this is exactly why this guy will never be a consistent star in this league.. if his 3pt shot isn't falling he has ZERO moves to get easy buckets... dude you are 7 foot infinity! Take one god damn summer and do nothing but shoot post up shots.. work on post up moves....you can take an entire summer and not shoot a single 3 pt shot and actually be a BETTER PLAYER if you will learn how to get some kind of god damn easy bucket!!! You are 7'3!!! or whatever the hell you are.. ok vent is over as a new KP owner.. or maybe the frustration is just beginning..
  13. What a lemon..... how in the hell do you get hurt during an 8 day absence from playing games??? he's transforming from a Unicorn to a Jackass right before our eyes... hes been hurt his entire career.. i guess 7'3 bodies are not made to play sports.
  14. 4 blks and another steal.. 11-14 78% FT tonight.. umm.. ill take it! THe TOs is annoying but he won't average 8 all year. if he consistently gets defensive stats like he as the last 6-7 games watchout! hes a bonafide 2nd rounder ..
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