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  1. this is exactly why this guy will never be a consistent star in this league.. if his 3pt shot isn't falling he has ZERO moves to get easy buckets... dude you are 7 foot infinity! Take one god damn summer and do nothing but shoot post up shots.. work on post up moves....you can take an entire summer and not shoot a single 3 pt shot and actually be a BETTER PLAYER if you will learn how to get some kind of god damn easy bucket!!! You are 7'3!!! or whatever the hell you are.. ok vent is over as a new KP owner.. or maybe the frustration is just beginning..
  2. What a lemon..... how in the hell do you get hurt during an 8 day absence from playing games??? he's transforming from a Unicorn to a Jackass right before our eyes... hes been hurt his entire career.. i guess 7'3 bodies are not made to play sports.
  3. 4 blks and another steal.. 11-14 78% FT tonight.. umm.. ill take it! THe TOs is annoying but he won't average 8 all year. if he consistently gets defensive stats like he as the last 6-7 games watchout! hes a bonafide 2nd rounder ..
  4. These pro athletes are robots!!! I don't care that he's had 2 injuries this year.. didn't have a preseason and has played 5 games this year.. i expect 15,4,4 1 trey , 1 stl, 1 blk EVERY DAMN GAME!! Dropping this bum!
  5. Zeller was killing him.. and now they are back in the game with Lopez out there. that's actually good coaching..
  6. the most important outcome is that they won and he got plenty of significant run.. he cleaned the glass and gave them an interior presence. Better days are ahead!
  7. he is the closest thing to a robot out there..
  8. so funny! and true! BUT.. the Wiz have no other options?! Might be a big different this time around?
  9. he also played meaningful minutes last game in their 103-100 win vs MIA.. first win in a while too.. definitely worth keeping an eye on..
  10. Alex Len is making a move now... back to back solid games with 25+ minutes.. hes better than Lopez.. not saying much but hes always had a fantasy friendly game..
  11. I own both right now.. im praying for LMA trade rumors to start happening.. send him off to a more competitive team during his last stretch run.., not a rebuilding team..ala the warriors or someone like that.. and let Poeltl run! That would be Yahtzee!! haha
  12. most likely why he only played 18 minutes as well.. he was on his way to a solid line too..
  13. tough to tell.. i just can't imagine LMAs career ending like this.. he still has gas left in the tank and Pop just goes away from him altogether?? Maybe he trades LMA so he can finish his career with a pivotal role on a contending team? Maybe they realize they can win more games by involving LMA more? Not sure to be honest.. tricky situation for sure,
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